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From Mom-and-Pop to Global Reach: 4X Storage Boost Delivers

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How Mamiye Brothers got a 4X storage boost and better data protection by replacing its NAS with a fully integrated solution that accelerates backups on S3.

As clothing manufacturer Mamiye Brothers’ data grew, it found it needed to replace its aging NAS – and its answer provided a 4X storage boost, while reducing data risk and improving performance.

When you think about successful global clothing brands, companies such as Levi Strauss, Carter’s and J. Crew probably come to mind. Few would add Mamiye Brothers to that list, but the family-run, 80-year-old business belongs in their company. Over the years, it has built up to what it is today: a children’s and women’s apparel company that distributes its products to a wide range of retailers and channels both online and through 13,000 stores around the world.

Like all companies of the era, Mamiye Brothers started as a fully manual business but saw the writing on the wall. By 2010, it had adopted a fair amount of technology, which it needed to manage about 25 terabytes of data distributed among its various brands and divisions. By about 2014, the company had moved all of its technical resources except storage to its own private environment hosted by AWS.

After evaluating the cost, Mamiye’s IT department chose to keep storage in-house on its network-attached storage (NAS) system, at least for the time being. Soon enough, however, the NAS, which included hard disk drives running at 7,200 RPM, began showing its age. For example, the system could only store 15TB of the company’s data, forcing the other 10TB to be manually moved off to detached storage. It was clear Mamiye needed a storage boost.

The situation took a toll on both backup and archiving. Slow file backup, for example, caused some users to resort to saving their work on local hard drives, and slow file access caused work bottlenecks.

Archiving had to be done manually for each of the six companies under the Mamiye umbrella. “Because we only had 15TB of space, our infrastructure manager would slowly move things off to detached drives and archives as we needed more space,” explained Harry Palama, director of system integration at Mayiye Brothers.

Data protection was another issue. If the NAS failed, Palama said he had little doubt that the company would lose most of its data permanently. They had no choice but to replace the NAS.

Read the rest of the story on ITPro Today. Find out how Mamiye Brothers mitigated these challenges and gave itself a 4X storage boost and better data protection with a fully integrated solution from Commvault and Qumulo that accelerates the backup, recovery and archival of Mamiye’s data on Amazon S3.

“With the previous NAS, we had 30TB of storage, but only 15 usable. With Qumulo, we have 75TB of storage, with almost 60 usable,” said Palama. “Today, the Qumulo platform is at 50% capacity, even though it stores more files than the NAS did at 95% capacity.”

This cloud storage article appeared in ITProToday in May.

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