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Qumulo End of Life Policy

Qumulo strives to offer customer choice by adding new platform options to our available hardware offerings and cloud platform services. Below, you’ll find details outlining hardware and software support for Qumulo supported platforms as they age and near End of Life (EOL) according to the following policy.


EoPS End of Platform Support Final date a platform will be eligible to receive support services.
Platform The hardware configuration or cloud service certified for Qumulo software. The hardware configuration or cloud service certified for Qumulo software.

Qumulo Software

Qumulo will continue to provide support services for any Qumulo software version that (i) has an active subscription, (ii) is running at least the minimum supported software version, and (iii) is running on an active Platform featured in the Qumulo Supported Platforms list. 

Qumulo Branded Hardware

  • Qumulo will provide support services for Qumulo branded hardware associated with an active hardware support services contract.
  • As of August 2021, Qumulo will no longer sell Qumulo hardware or hardware support services. 
  • Customers may buy equivalent hardware, and related hardware support, from Arrow via channel resellers. For these systems, Qumulo Hardware Assurance will provide first call, monitoring, and facilitation of resolution for hardware on-premises to provide the same customer success experience. 
  • Hardware support services cannot be purchased or renewed less than two (2) years prior to EoPS date, or for a term that extends beyond the associated Platform’s EoPS date.

Third-Party Hardware

Qumulo Supported Platforms will reflect the compatibility state of third-party hardware until the hardware has reached the third-party’s End of Platform Support (EoPS) date or equivalent. Qumulo does not provide hardware support for third-party hardware.

Platform Support Notification

Platforms and related dates will be updated on the list of Qumulo Supported Platforms. If you would like to be notified about changes to your Platforms, please contact Qumulo Care.

Updated on 8/3/2021

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