Qumulo Customer Success Program Offerings

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Our mission is to give you the advice and assistance you need to be successful with Qumulo software. The Qumulo Customer Success program is available:

  • As part of a Qumulo subscription.
  • While you have Qumulo for AWS consumption credits.
  • For purchase when you buy Qumulo hardware.
Included Benefits Description Coverage

The Qumulo Care team is available 24×7.

North America:
+1 855 577 7544

United Kingdom:
+44 808 164 6656

+49 800 000 7047

+61 1800 954 952

Email: care@qumulo.com
Support Portal: Qumulo Care
*Severity Level 1 – 4 cases receive support on a 24×5 basis.

You can contact Qumulo by telephone, Slack, email, or the web site 24×7 to report software or hardware issues.

The Qumulo Customer Success team will help you to diagnose and resolve technical problems
with your Qumulo cluster.

The initial response time is based on the severity level and is calculated from when the Qumulo Care team first learns about the problem:
Severity Level 0: 2 hours; 24×7
Severity Level 1: 2 hours: 24×5
Severity Level 2: 2 hours; 24×5
Severity Level 3: 6 hours; 24×5
Severity Level 4: 6 hours; 24×5
QUMULO ONSITE We’ll work together to determine if a Qumulo representative should come on-site to help resolve the issue. Most on-site visits are for “break-fix” scenarios. We’ll make sure the product swap goes smoothly. We may also decide, during the visit, to resolve some software issues.

Qumulo repairs or replaces any hardware that fails during your Hardware Support term at no cost.

Field replacement units include: HDDs, SSDs, power supplies, fans, optics, cables, NICs, and whole nodes.

Replacements are shipped with next business day delivery as soon as the Qumulo Customer Success team verifies the failure of the original component and approves its replacement.
NEW SOFTWARE RELEASES You have access to the most current version of Qumulo software. New features and bug fixes may be included in each new software release. To take advantage of a new feature or to fix a bug, download and install the latest version. Qumulo supports software releases for the longer of six (6) months from their respective release dates or the last twelve (12) releases, including the most current release.
24X7 REMOTE MONITORING If you enable it, Qumulo will provide proactive online monitoring over an encrypted service. The service looks for both software and hardware events. It also reports on your cluster uptime, performance and capacity usage Qumulo Customer Success actively responds to software and hardware events. They will notify you of the problem and work with you to diagnose and resolve it. The timeframe depends on the severity of the issue.
24X7 ACCESS TO ONLINE QUMULO CARE PORTAL You can always access the Qumulo Knowledge Base and self-help tools through the Qumulo Care portal. With the portal, you can report support issues, download new software releases, access Knowledge Base articles, read release notes and interact with the Qumulo community.


Severity 0

Outage, data loss or corruption. Example: Cluster is down or there are not enough nodes up to form a quorum.

Severity 1

High business impact, but the cluster is still functional. Example: A node is down but the cluster is still in quorum.

Severity 2

Bad bug, but a workaround is available. Example: Poor performance if you ls and dd from the same client. The workaround could be to mount two different nodes and run ls against node 1 and dd against node 2.

Severity 3

Poor user experience or annoyance. Example: A hover dialog lingers for ~5s after changing.

Severity 4

Cosmetic, other. Example: Change in the background color of a dialog box.

This support offering is subject to and incorporated into Customer’s End User Agreement (located at https://qumulo.com/terms-hub/). This support offering applies only to Products covered by active software subscription, Qumulo consumption license and Hardware with an active Hardware Support Agreement.

Qumulo reserves the right to deny requests for onsite responses or hardware replacements when the Products have been moved or are located in a geographical location that was not approved by Qumulo.