Software Use Guidelines

QF2 is a modern, highly scalable file storage system that runs in the data center and the public cloud. We offer flexibility in both where you store your data and how you use the QF2 software. QF2 is available as either a subscription license or on a consumption basis.A subscription license allows you to use QF2 software on hardware of your choosing in your own data center. QF2 software is available in various classes with each software class having unique performance characteristics and features designed to meet specific needs. To determine the appropriate subscription license for you workloads, you choose the QF2 software class, the capacity and the time period you need.Your QF2 Subscription is all-inclusive of our world class support and every feature released for the QF2 Software Class licensed during the subscription term. Since additional features and future releases are included in your Subscription, the value provided by QF2 increases with every release.

Access to future software releases during your Subscription allows you to choose the upgrade frequency that best meets the needs of your environment while getting the benefit of new releases every two weeks.

Interested in a denser hardware platform, moving to a new server manufacturer or cloud platform? Your QF2 Subscription is transferable on an equivalent capacity basis to any new infrastructure supported by the QF2 Software Class you’ve licensed, at any time during your Subscription term and without any additional charge.

Has your business model changed such that you need more performance from your storage or want to move your storage to a public cloud? Your QF2 Subscription can be transferred across Software Subscription Classes on a dollar equivalent basis for any unused term. The highly portable nature of your Subscription provides you with the ability to move to all flash or the cloud as your workflow requirements change.

QF2 Subscription License:

Each QF2 Software Class can be licensed to run on certain hardware platforms. The QF2 Subscription is a license for a specific capacity for a fixed period to time. See the QF2 Software Class Matrix to determine currently compatible hardware platforms.

QF2 Consumption Unit License:

QF2 Consumption Units allow you to pay for QF2 as you use it. Usage is monitored and deducted from your credit balance. The amount of credits consumed over time will depend upon the performance configuration you’ve chosen and the total capacity you are using. Different clouds may have different pricing and different performance characteristics.

License Type & HW Compatibility Matrix:

License Types
Hardware Platform QF2-L1 QF2-L2 QF2-L3 Consumption Units
P-23T X
P-92T X
QC24 X
QC40 X
QC104 X
QC208 X
QC260 X
QC360 X
HPE Apollo 4200 Gen 9 90TB X
HPE Apollo 4200 Gen 9 180TB X
K-144T X

QF2 Transferability:

Within License Type:

You can transfer your licensed capacity amongst any hardware platform within the same License Type (See Matrix above). For example, if you licensed 96 TB of QF2 License Type 2 for C-series nodes (4 QC24’s) you can transfer that subscription to any other C-series node. Transfer within License Type Cloud will be on a dollar for dollar basis.

Cross License Type:

You can transfer, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, the capacity and remaining subscription term of one License Type to another License Type (See Matrix above). For example, if you licensed 96 TB of QF2 License Type 2 for Qumulo C-series nodes (4 QC24’s) for 36 months you can apply the current remaining value of that subscription towards a subscription for QF2 License Type 3 for Qumulo P-series nodes.



Subscriptions are a term license and are valid for the length of time licensed. The license expires the day after the Subscription expires.

QF2 Consumption Units:

Consumption Units are valid until consumed or for 24 months from the date of purchase. Credits are consumed on a first in first out basis. Expired Consumption Units will be removed from your account without reimbursement.