Qumulo for AWS GovCloud (US)

Manage your file data at scale with increased compliance and control.
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aws govcloud and qumulo - for fedramp compliance
aws govcloud and qumulo - for nist compliance
aws govcloud and qumulo - for hipaa compliance
aws govcloud and qumulo - for dept of defense security compliance
aws govcloud and qumulo

Scale performance and capacity in a compliant cloud

Federal agencies and government organizations have unique data challenges. Along with an explosion of files and data volume, you’re also balancing regulatory compliance and strict protocols for data security. To help you manage all this, AWS GovCloud (US), an isolated region of the AWS cloud for US government agencies, is compliant with the most stringent regulations, including FedRAMP, DOD Security Requirements Guide and HIPAA.


aws govcloud and qumulo help you manage data easily while meeting strict compliance requirements
aws govcloud and qumulo help you manage data easily while meeting strict compliance requirements

Run all your apps unmodified on an API-first file system

With the Qumulo file data platform, available in the AWS Marketplace for AWS GovCloud, your government or public sector organization can leverage both legacy and cloud-native applications and services via APIs to accelerate workflows, become more productive, and be more responsive to your constituents.

Interested in learning more? You can test Qumulo’s file data platform via the AWS GovCloud (US).

Get more value from your data with real-time analytics

Massive Scale

Scale easily to billions of files and tens of petabytes on a file system that is highly available and immediately consistent

Data-Driven Insight

Gain valuable insight from your data that drives action with real-time analytics for visibility and control

Seamless APIs

Automate configuration management and run the same file data platform and apps on-prem and in the cloud

Easy to Manage

Control your file data and usage with a simple and efficient graphical user interface

“Instead of focusing our staff and resources on managing a number of inefficient storage systems, we use our engineering time to work on highly impactful and well-funded grants from the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health, and other funding agencies. That is a big win for all of us.”

Brian Balderston, Director of Infrastructure, SDSC
Top public sector and federal organizations trust Qumulo’s file data platform.

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