Qumulo for AWS

Qumulo for AWS is the fastest persistent file storage system in the cloud.

Download the Qumulo for AWS data sheet.

Qumulo for AWS changes how to think about elastic file storage. Qumulo is the only file system that runs natively in AWS and on premise. The best of both worlds.

And Qumulo for AWS has the best performance of any file storage system in the cloud. Simple and fast. What a concept.

Lightning Fast Is Easy

Qumulo for AWS is the fastest file storage system in the cloud. Check this out*:

  • Multi-stream read (per node) = 500 MB/sec
  • Multi-stream write (per node) = 350 MB/sec
  • IOPS (per node) = 8,000

* Cluster built with an m4.16xlarge EC2 instance

The boring, exciting enterprise facts

Qumulo for AWS has a complete set of enterprise features like NFS, SMB, FTP, and REST. Continuous replication moves data between your on-premise Qumulo cluster and Qumulo for AWS. And you get robust DR through continuous replication along with the snapshots.

Visibility. Instantly.

Qumulo’s visibility into the file system is unmatched in the industry. You can instantly identify throughput and IOPS hotspots, the most active clients and paths, and get accurate reports of how much usable storage you have. If you have a rogue process or user who’s monopolizing system resources, apply a quota in real time to take back control.

DevOps Simplicity

Use the tools you’re familiar with to deploy and manage your storage, like Terraform and CloudFormation to automatically spin up Qumulo for AWS.

Ready for a test drive?

You can try Qumulo for free! Find us in the AWS Marketplace.

Example 1

High Performance

Example 2

Balanced Performance

Cluster Four m4.16xlarge EC2 instances Four m4.2xlarge EC2 instances
Read throughput 1.8 GB/s 270 MB/s
Write throughput 1.3 GB/s 190 MB/s

We are building a fully orchestrated visual effects rendering solution that spans our on-premises data center and AWS. We now have a QF2 cluster on AWS and in our data center creating a unified fabric that enables us to share file data between these two operating environments, maintain workflow consistency, and meet the high performance requirements for heavy compute workloads in the cloud.

Jason Fotter, Co-founder and CTO of FuseFX

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