Qumulo File System for AWS

The fastest file storage system in the cloud.

Qumulo makes your path to the cloud easy.

Data and content is on-premise today but you know you will be leveraging the cloud more in the future?

Qumulo runs the same software on-premise and in the cloud. Easily point your applications at a cloud instance when you are ready, we replicate your content and you are now running in the cloud! No reconfiguring applications, no retraining users. We make the transition seamless.

Bursty workloads? Not enough hardware resources available on-premise for peak periods or new projects?

Simply spin up a new Qumulo instance from the AWS Marketplace, replicate existing content or create new data in AWS. Leverage AWS compute to process or render then replicate it back to local storage for retention.

Managing corporate workgroups with cloud-only mandates?

Qumulo makes the job easy on IT. Manage on-premise data with the same tools, same technology and same people that manage the cloud data. No need for new skill sets or new procurement contracts. Qumulo is investment protection in an ever changing, cloud-centric world.

“[We’re] actual proof that the solution works. There’s no possible way I could install 1,000 machines in our network here. I don’t have the power or cooling to support them. We were able to make the decision, and in less than 1 hour be rendering on 1,000 machines. After the jobs finished, we simply terminated the instances. When I think about how easy it was, it still doesn’t sound real.”

At AWS reinvent 2018, FuseFX was leveraging AWS to achieve over 15GB/sec performance running their render farm with Qumulo on AWS


—Jason Fotter, Co-Founder/CTO of FuseFX

Lightning fast is easy

Simply select the EC2 option that best fits their throughput and IOPS requirements, then, a quick purchase of the Qumulo software from Amazon Marketplace and your project is ready to configure. Qumulo on AWS delivers: The best price/performance value in the industry. Extreme IOPS and throughput to get your work done faster. Render, process and analyze without bottlenecks – giving you leverage and insights from your data quicker.

The boring, exciting enterprise facts

Qumulo for AWS has a complete set of enterprise features like support for NFS, SMB, FTP, and REST. Continuous replication moves data between your on-premise Qumulo cluster and Qumulo for AWS. And you get built in robust data protection, standard.

Visibility, instantly

Qumulo integrated analytics deliver unmatched visibility into the file system. You can instantly identify throughput and IOPS hotspots, the most active clients and paths, and get accurate reports of how much usable storage you have. If you have a rogue process or user who’s monopolizing system resources, apply a quota in real time to take back control.

Want to see it in action?

Here’s how to host and utilize an entire virtual studio in the cloud using Qumulo.

“Managing data with Qumulo is so simple it’s hard to describe the impact. It has given us tremendous ROI in terms of time saved and problems eliminated, and having that reliable storage we can finally trust makes us eager to use it more broadly throughout the company.”


—John Beck, IT Manager Hyundai MOBIS

How do we license?


Buy a single capacity license and leverage it flexibly on premise or in the cloud. Data in a Qumulo environment is managed and purchased easily and with full flexibility. Protect your investment today knowing your leverage of the cloud may evolve in the future.


Want to just use the AWS cloud for bursts in compute demands but don’t need long term storage in the cloud? No problem! Leverage Qumulo temporarily in the cloud paying on just a per/hour basis while the compute work is underway. Once the job is complete, replicate the needed results on-premise and delete the instance in AWS.

Sample burst compute costs*

*Includes Qumulo software license & AWS m4.16xlarge EC2 instance and EBS costs

Capacity Throughput IOPS $/hr
20TB 6GB/s read
3GB/s write
50,000+ $3.21

Case Study

Learn how FuseFX, an award-winning visual effects studio, uses Qumulo in the cloud to meet tough production deadlines.

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