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Qumulo — optimized for AWS

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cloud file storage and service for AWS

The high-performance file system made for AWS.

Qumulo runs natively on AWS and integrates with native AWS services and features like CloudWatch, and now, AWS S3.

Run your applications—even workstation or data center applications—at native speeds on AWS. No reconfiguring applications, or retraining users.

With unlimited scale and API programmability, Qumulo on AWS is the cloud’s most advanced file system.

Key Benefits

Bring any file workload to AWS


Use AWS-native services with any app


Scale to handle projects of any size


Utilize full-enterprise capabilities for global work groups


Automate file infrastructure on-demand


Experience the same intuitive UI and leverage same APIs on AWS and your private cloud

Featured Use Case
cloud icon symbolizing qumulo cloudstudio solution


Produce feature-length films, shows, and video games with artists and production teams wherever they are. Instantly. With full-frame rates and full color fidelity using the pro apps you already own.

NEW: Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3

Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 is the easiest way to put your file data to work with AWS cloud services and AWS marketplace apps! Thousands of AWS marketplace apps and AWS native services are at your disposal when you use Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 to put your data in Amazon S3 cloud object store. Best of all, Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 is built-in so there’s nothing additional to purchase or install.

How our customers are accelerating work with Qumulo for AWS

fusefx logo

FuseFX rapidly scales infrastructure with virtual workstations.

“We made the decision, and in less than one hour were rendering on 1,000 machines. After the jobs finished, we simply terminated the instances. When I think about how easy it was, it still doesn’t sound real.”

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cinesite logo

Cinesite Studios overcomes technical barriers to meet tight deadlines.

Now they’re able to deliver exceptional imagery for blockbuster motion pictures faster than they ever thought possible. “This approach allowed us to spin up the machines and store data for offsite rendering on AWS. Without Qumulo, we wouldn’t have been able to do this or meet our deadlines.”

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qumulo cloud is optimized for aws, aws well-architected

Qumulo Cloud is optimized for AWS.

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