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How to (and Why) Unleash the Value of Unstructured Data in the Cloud

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As data grows in volume, your data must also grow in value. Unleashing that value starts with modern services that often exist only in the cloud.

Movies and rich digital content. Dense images requiring analysis and recognition. Social media streams. Geospatial data for resource exploration. Log files from business systems. CAD files. Flaws in the manufacturing process. Discovering trends in healthcare. Unstructured data–like all of these examples–is one of the greatest assets companies possess.

If you’ve found that your business is generating, using and consuming more data than ever before, you are not alone. Unstructured file data growth rates are exploding due to a constant flow of new applications and services – and enterprises are using this data to tailor digital experiences and innovate fast.

According to IDC, “The amount of data created over the next three years will be more than the data created over the past 30 years, and the world will create more than three times the data over the next five years than it did in the previous five.” And the amount of new applications built as a result of modern DevOps tools and services will grow to the billions – producing an entirely new set of unstructured data at a torrid pace.

Innovate at large

Let’s look at some examples.

  • A mortgage processor uses data to streamline the digital mortgage application and approval process into minutes vs. months.
  • A genomics lab catalogues and processes millions of genome sequences through an AI cloud service, adding petabytes of information to its file data system.
  • An auto manufacturer scans each component for flaws as it moves along the production line, capturing the high-resolution images for real-time analysis by a public cloud service and returning the result in milliseconds.
  • A retailer gathers data from in-store purchases by the second to promote the most sought after products by geo in near real-time.

Drive business value

As data grows in volume, your data must also grow in value. You can only unleash that value when your team can access, process and securely store that data without limits, share it seamlessly with other team members, use it with critical applications, and connect it with modern services that often exist only in the cloud. 

Data is the critical link to executing business strategy and your ability to digitally innovate. In our eBook, Unleash the Power of Your Data, you’ll see how a cloud-based file data platform can help you not only gain more control over your data, but also how you can derive more value from it.

The right cloud-based file data platform can propel your team to do amazing things, while making sure DevOps, Line of Business, IT and CISO teams all have the access, controls and scale to help their company innovate without friction. After all, enabling your team to collaborate without limits, and encouraging company-wide innovation comes down to empowering your people.

Bring your apps as they are

You may be worrying that migrating to the cloud will require reinventing your on-premises apps. But to move your business forward, you don’t need to rewrite or replace the workstation or on-premise applications that you depend on. You also don’t need to redo your architecture and can choose which apps and data move across private or public clouds. 

It’s even possible to bring workflows and apps to the cloud even if they are not cloud-native by leveraging non-proprietary file systems and APIs to connect data to apps. 

You can transform your business with a cloud-native file data platform that lets your data move effortlessly between on premises and cloud—or even between public clouds. Put siply, your data belongs where it makes the most sense for your applications and users to access it at any given time. 

Analyze data at cloud scale

At Qumulo, we’re seeing our customers think differently about their data.

By making it easily available in the cloud, they have the opportunity to find new value in their data, create innovative business models, and generate entirely new revenue streams. They are taking advantage of the flexibility, scale, and work-anywhere access enabled by the cloud to focus on boundary-pushing work.

When your unstructured data is in the cloud, it’s easier to use cloud-native capabilities including AI and ML services from cloud providers or other ISVs. If you have data and IP siloed in older systems—even decades of it—you can now reconsider what’s possible for your business. There is a path for you to revitalize those assets.

Qumulo offers the world’s only infinitely scalable file data platform in the cloud, which powers applications and services anywhere. You can revitalize, wrap and automate workflows and nimbly move data in and out of the cloud, ensuring it lives where it makes the most sense for your apps and users.

Our customers can scale without limits, achieve greater business agility, and modernize to the cloud, innovating freely.

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