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Qumulo Recover Q Wins Best Cloud DR and Business Continuity Solution – Cloud Computing Awards

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Qumulo Recover Q software has been declared the winner of the “Best Cloud DR / Business Continuity Solution” in the international Cloud Computing Awards program, the Cloud Awards. This award recognizes Qumulo Recover Q as the industry champion for complementing customers’ existing business continuity strategies without compromising data safety and integrity.

Disaster recovery and business continuity solutions are perfectly suited to the cloud.

At Qumulo, we love building products and solutions that make life simpler for customers. We have been focusing on simplifying data protection and disaster recovery for unstructured data. We’re honored that the international Cloud Awards recognized the work we’ve been doing and chose Qumulo® Recover Q as the winner of its Best Cloud DR / Business Continuity Solution.

Cloud Awards: Qumulo Recover Q stands out

The Cloud Awards identifies and celebrates innovation in cloud computing from organizations of any scale, headquartered in any country. This year, hundreds of companies entered from around the world, yet Qumulo stood out above all others.

Enterprise cloud disaster recovery and business continuity software, Recover Q, is a unique approach to simplifying data protection. Qumulo Recover Q combines massive scale storage, robust enterprise security controls, and the freedom to run Qumulo wherever your business requires. It’s also the industry leader in helping users minimize the attack surface threat actors target and leverages disaster recovery on-premises or in the cloud to quickly resume operations at a low cost. But don’t just take our word for it.

Best cloud disaster recovery and business continuity software

“This is a highly competitive industry and Qumulo has demonstrated intuitiveness and ingenuity which gives them their edge,” said Annabelle Whittall, Judge at the Cloud Awards. “Qumulo offers a wide service that does more than just recover data and ensure you can get back to ‘normal’ after a ransomware attack. Businesses using Qumulo also benefit from monitoring and detection as part of their defense against data thieves. At the Cloud Awards, we are impressed and pleased to recognize Qumulo with this award.”

Enterprises today have more data storage needs than ever before – it’s why we continue to innovate at Qumulo to help meet their business needs. Contact us today to find out how Qumulo is helping customers everywhere manage, protect and store massive amounts of data.

Here’s to more innovation in the future!

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