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New Year, New Qumulo Care Portal: Introducing Community Q

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With our newly unveiled Qumulo Care portal, we’re making it easier than ever for customers to succeed. Here’s a quick look at how we made Qumulo Care better than ever and how we are improving the customer support experience.

Our vision here at Qumulo begins and ends with our customers.

Year after year, we continue to be inspired by those who have put their trust, and data in us to help meet their storage needs and workflow demands to deliver results. Our customers are shaping the future in areas, including healthcare, higher education, research computing, media & entertainment, and the public sector.

With today’s newly unveiled Qumulo Care portal, we’re making it easier than ever for customers to succeed. Here’s a quick look at how we made Qumulo Care better than ever to rewrite the customer support rulebook once again.

Simple, Clean Design


How to create a Qumulo cluster - Qumulo Care article


Qumulo Care is looking better than ever with revamped branding, new logos, and even more Grumpquats. Looks aren’t the only thing that matters. Finding what you need when you need it is critical when it comes to your data. With new navigation and expandable menus, customers can more easily view the full content library. In addition, the entire Knowledge Base is accessible on mobile devices for seamless access regardless of your location.

Fresh Features


Qumulo Care federated search results for Azure guide

You should never need to go looking for amazing customer support. If you can’t get the answer you need on Qumulo Care, it’s easier than ever to search with the new federated search functionality. Type your keywords into the search field at the top of any page and we’ll check across all Qumulo resources for relevant content, not just Qumulo Care. And if you still have lingering questions, you can easily reach out to us with the new rescue widget included at the bottom of every page to easily reach us anywhere, at any time.

Welcome to Community Q


Community Q - Qumulo Care

“There’s no place like Qumulo! Feel right at home in our new community where all workflows and use cases are welcome.”

It’s no secret that our customer base includes the best of the best. And while we here at Qumulo have the pleasure of engaging with this talented group each day, we must share the wealth!

Say hello to Community Q, where connections are formed and learning opportunities are there for the taking from our most valuable resource – our customer base!

While the community section is no stranger to the support portal, Community Q is the result of our efforts to restructure the gathering grounds to offer more value in a way that makes sense for our users. You’ll find new forums that are both feature-focused and data driven, no matter the use case, alongside posted opportunities to participate in feature development BETA programs. And this is just the start of what’s in store for you on Community Q.

You can expect to see even more exciting features headed your direction including a full Qumulo event calendar so you never miss a chance to connect, customized profile badges to showcase your Qumulo achievements, customer spotlights across industries, and maybe even some gamification and challenges with the Grumpquats.

New to Q?

Don’t fret! Customer or not, much of our new Qumulo Care site is open to the public including our entire content catalog. Our Knowledge Base is an incredible resource that features articles, guides, and videos for topics that are either Qumulo specific or general storage management & infrastructure topics; each provides valuable information to IT administrators and system engineers.

If you want to better understand how to configure DNS Round Robin on a Windows Server or read up on network configuration best practices, you can easily find the solution to tackle the task. With tens of thousands of support portal visitors each month, we’re happy to see that our customers and broader audiences are getting the information they need to succeed with the help of Qumulo.

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