Artificial Intelligence’s Ability to Improve Clinical Decisions Brings New Data Challenges to Healthcare Organizations

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I’ve been catching up on my reading around industry trends and developments in the healthcare industry. Recently I wrote about  the coming “Silver Tsunami” and its impact. Another key issue that’s shaping clinical decision making is the role of machine learning and AI in healthcare.

In addition to providing hybrid cloud file storage to healthcare market, Qumulo supports many other vertical markets using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), such as autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and research computing.

In healthcare, recent studies have shown the effectiveness of AI in radiology and improving clinical decision support. A recent study on breast cancer screening stated “using images that had previously been reviewed by doctors in the U.S., there was a reported reduction of 5.7% in false positives and a reduction of 9.4% in false negatives, in which cancer was missed. In an independent study of six radiologists, the AI system outperformed all of the human readers.”

The report goes on to say that results from a human doctor being verified through AI could save up to 88% of the workload of a second clinician reviewer. AI could potentially create $150 billion in annual savings for the United States by 2026.

The massive amounts of AI and ML generated data, as well as increased amounts of higher resolution imaging data, has to be managed, stored, and protected, and it also needs to be quickly and easily accessible to clinicians, when needed.

Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage efficiently manages mixed IO performance for billions of small and large files at petabyte scale to accelerate productivity for healthcare and research organizations. In addition, Qumulo’s real-time analytics eliminate data blindness for these organizations, helping to save time and money by providing visibility across billions of files.

We have partnerships with world-leading technology organizations, such as HPE and Fujitsu, as well as leading healthcare PACS providers, to provide best-in-class file storage solutions that can be deployed on-prem and in the cloud. Qumulo Hybrid SSD/Disk Storage solution provides fast and cost-effective data storage to PACS solutions using unique caching algorithms that can predict next file requests and have those files immediately available using flash. Qumulo also provides all-NVMe options for medical research and DNA sequencing, where high performance and scalability is of key concerns.

With Qumulo, healthcare organizations can easily keep pace with today’s data capacity growth, and effortlessly support the latest technologies available to speed and improve patient services.

If you’d like more information about how to unify and secure medical imaging and clinical data into a single-tier file storage solution, contact us and request a demo. We would love to share how Qumulo can deliver a modern hybrid file storage solution that enables today’s healthcare organizations – like yours – to easily keep up with the growing data and image capacity requirements.

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