Performance Series

All-NVMe Storage

Consistent, lightning fast performance for large unstructured data sets.

Performance Series

All-NVMe Storage

Consistent, lightning fast performance for large unstructured data sets.

Never get slowed down by storage again.

Qumulo’s all-flash platforms deliver extremely consistent, extremely high performant and scalable file storage.

Key Benefits

Ultra-fast performance

All-NVMe for low latency application response

No vendor lock in, based on industry standard components.

Efficient, dense smart storage

How It’s Used
all-flash storage for high performance computing

High Performance Computing

all-flash storage for rendering and vfx

Life Sciences

all-flash storage for video editing

Media & Entertainment Post-Production

all-flash storage for video editing


Future-proof your infrastructure.

The first modern, scalable, all-flash file system built entirely from standard hardware components.

Qumulo Hardware
all-flash storage options from qumulo
Form factor
Raw storage capacity
23 TB
92 TB
184 TB
12 x 1.92 NVMe
24 x 3.84 NVMe
24 x 7.68 NVMe
2.6 GHz
12 cores
2.6 GHz
12 cores
2.6 GHz
12 cores
192 GB
192 GB
192 GB
Network connectivity
4 x 100GbE
4 x 100GbE
4 x 100GbE
Looking for more details about models, specifications, and more? Download the datasheet >

Looking for more details about models, specifications, and more?
Download the datasheet >

Storage made simple

Qumulo Storage Platform Strategy

Qumulo’s file system was designed from the bottom up to run on a wide variety of industry standard storage platforms. This video discusses how Qumulo delivers the benefit of commodity pricing to our users while guaranteeing high performance and enterprise reliability.

More Resources

Why Go All-Flash When You Could Go All-NVMe?
Technical Overview of Qumulo’s File System and Software

You're in good company

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major film studios, and some of the largest research facilities in the world.

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“Qumulo Care is absolutely phenomenal — the best support I’ve seen from any vendor. The team is very proactive, knowledgeable, and really strives to make a personal connection. I even have the cell number for my tech liaison. It’s been a real pleasure to deal with Qumulo.”

Nathan Larsen — Director of IT, Sinclair Oil

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“We’re actual proof that the solution works. There’s no possible way I could install 1,000 machines in our network here. I don’t have the power or cooling to support them. We were able to make the decision, and in less than 1 hour be rendering on 1,000 machines. After the jobs finished, we simply terminated the instances.”

Jason Fotter — Co-Founder/CTO, FuseFX

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“Managing data with Qumulo is so simple it’s hard to describe the impact. It has given us tremendous ROI in terms of time saved and problems eliminated, and having that reliable storage we can finally trust makes us eager to use it more broadly throughout the company.”


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“For a critical digital media archive, Qumulo is the safest place I can think to put it short of directly in a backup vault. Soon we won’t need anything else but backup, high-speed virtual storage, and Qumulo. The fact that Qumulo is fast enough to mount and host VMDKs as repositories is a real help with our overall infrastructure.”


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