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A Team We’re Proud to Know: Qumulo Ranks Among “2020 Washington’s Best Workplaces” and “2021 Best Tech Startups in Seattle”

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One of the most frequently asked questions I receive when I interview candidates is “what brought you to Qumulo and what keeps you there?”. It’s a great question, and always difficult to answer because there aren’t just one or two things; it’s a combination of so many factors including our Qumulo values, our people, and the absolute stellar journey that we as an organization are currently on.

As a Talent Acquisition leader, my favorite Qumulo value is that “We Build a Team of People We Are Proud to Know.” That value encompasses the following: “We work hard, and we work smart. We hire super-talented people who share our bold ambitions, our integrity and our passion. We enjoy our teammates, are proud to have them here, and share in the fun of transforming an industry with them.”

Our unique workplace and culture is a direct result of every single person on the Qumulo team!

I’m pleased to share that Qumulo has been recognized by The Puget Sound Business Journal as one of “2020 Washington’s Best Workplaces,” and by The Tech Tribune as one of the “2021 Best Tech Startups in Seattle.” Being included on lists like these are a direct result of the incredibly engaged and talented group of people that make up this company.

Qumulo was listed in the top three of the companies included on The Tech Tribune’s list, which considered several factors, such as revenue potential, leadership team, brand or product traction and competitive landscape. We’re helping companies all over the world to create, manage and gain value from their file data at scale. Read the press release from earlier this summer about our $125M in funding and how our file data platform gives our customers the freedom, control and performance they need now more than ever.

For the 2020 Washington’s Best Workplace listing, Qumulo ranked #9 among companies in the “Large Company” category. The ranking is based on an independent and confidential survey of Qumulo employees, who cited Qumulo’s collaborative culture as one of the main reasons they enjoyed working at Qumulo. This year, we had 84% of our Qumulons participate in the survey, underscoring how engaged our people are.

Placing in the top 10 of the Best Large Company category for the “2020 Washington’s Best Workplaces” list is a true reflection of how our employees feel working for Qumulo and of their happiness and engagement around their careers. In the survey comments, we heard Qumulons mention over and over again how everything we do is anchored back to our company values.

This core set of values, which include “We are data-driven and experimental,” “Customers are our magnetic field,” “We do the hard, right thing,” “We share by default,” and my favorite – “We build a team of people we’re proud to know” – were developed by our founders. They are ingrained in our culture, and are part of the fabric that makes Qumulo different from other companies.

Everyone is looking for smart and capable experts but it’s more than that for us. We look for the qualities that embody the values of Qumulo and we believe that distinction gives us a significant business advantage.

This year has been one like no other. I’m constantly amazed at the resilience and perseverance I’ve seen over and over in our organization. We’ve found new ways to be successful while working remotely. We’ve found creative ways to stay connected, stay engaged, and to have fun. Our leaders have been committed to our value of “Share By Default” and continually bringing the entire company together to openly talk about the challenges we face, share their thoughts on our new reality of working during a pandemic, and stress to our people how we are working hard to keep people’s safety and health as the number one priority. This has enabled continued success at Qumulo through an incredibly challenging time, and in turn, ensured our customers’ continued success as they create new products, new opportunities, and new business models.

Want to join our great team and be a part of something special? Qumulo is hiring! Learn more about life at Qumulo and check out our Qumulo Careers page to see about current opportunities.

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