Our mission and values

We want to be the company the world trusts to store, manage and curate its data forever.

Our mission

Data is fueling innovation and technical advances like never before, and organizations need to be able to access and collaborate around that data across the globe and in public and private clouds.

The era of passive, ever-growing storage vaults of unused, inaccessible files is over. Organizations need intelligent systems that provide visibility and insight into how data is used and performs in business – at massive scale.

Qumulo pioneered the data storage architecture and solutions today’s businesses need to harness the power of their data. 

We want to be the company the world trusts to store, manage and curate its data forever.

Our values define who we are and bring us together.

We are data-driven and experimental.

Data isn’t just what we do — it’s at the core of every decision we make. Data allows us to adapt and informs our relentless product innovation. We build something, we measure its impact, then iterate to make it even better. And taking educated risks leads to better products.

Customers are our magnetic field.

When we built Qumulo, we didn’t start with a vision to simply build a storage product. We started with a vision of how to build a data storage and management product our customers would love. We’re obsessively curious and always striving to learn more. By staying close to our customers, we keep getting better.

We share by default.

Most companies share information on a “need-to-know basis.” We’re the opposite. We believe transparency makes us stronger. It gives us insight into our customers, our coworkers and our work, so we can continuously deliver more value to our customers. We welcome feedback and play well with others. We stand up for great ideas and share our points of view, even if they’re not in line with others.

We build a team of people we’re proud to know.

We work hard, and we work smart. We hire super-talented people who share our bold ambitions, our integrity and our passion. We enjoy our teammates, are proud to have them here, and share in the fun of transforming an industry with them.

We do the hard, right thing.

We are doers, not just thinkers. Creators, not just critics. We roll up our sleeves, solve problems, and do what’s needed to get the job done. We own it, even if it’s hard or is not in our job description.

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