Qumulo for

HPE Apollo 4200 Gen 9

Run Qumulo, the world’s most modern file storage system, on the HPE Apollo 4200 Gen9 Server.

Qumulo is software, which makes it straightforward to run this on HPE appliances. It makes it easy for data centers that have standardized on HPE to run Qumulo on the HPE Apollo Gen 9 servers. These servers have a dense footprint, enterprise-grade manageability and optional hardware-based encryption.

Ensure Privacy

Companies in industries such as health care, where privacy is critical, can use HPE Secure Encryption, which is a controller-based, data-at-rest encryption solution, to ensure that they comply with data privacy requirements and meet compliance regulations.

Visibility. Instantly.

Qumulo’s visibility into the file system is unmatched in the industry. You can instantly identify throughput and IOPS hotspots, the most active clients and paths, and get accurate reports of how much usable storage you have. If you have a rogue process or user who’s monopolizing system resources, apply a quota in real time to take back control.

HPE Apollo Gen 9


90TB of raw HDD capacity with 2.9TB of SSD capacity

3 x 960GB SSD and 9 x 10TB HGST He10 HDD (all hot-swappable)

HPE Apollo Gen 9


180TB of raw HDD capacity with 4.2TB of SSD capacity

9 x 480GB SSD and 18 x 10TB HGST He10 HDD (all hot-swappable)

Download the Qumulo for HPE Apollo 4200 Gen 9 data sheet. (1 page, PDF)

Capacity and drives

Raw storage capacity



Storage media

3 x 960GB SSD and 9 x 10TB HGST He10 HDD (all hot-swappable)

9 x 480GB SSD and 18 x 10TB HGST He10 HDD (all hot-swappable)


Connectivity ports

4 x 40GbE

Management ports

1 x IPMI 1GbE baseT (RJ45)


2 x Intel Xeon E5 2620v4 2.10GHz 8-cores



Qumulo Core Software

Supported protocols

NFS (v3), SMB (v2.1), REST

Management API


Total cluster size

4 - 1,000 nodes. (A minimum of four nodes of the same type are required to create a Qumulo cluster.)

Data protection

Erasure Coding, Snapshots

Storage management

Machine Intelligent Quotas

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (H x W x D)

3.44” (8.75cm) x 17.63” (44.8cm) x 32” (81.28cm)

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