Seconds Matter: Accelerating Analysis with Next-Gen PACS / VNA Imaging Systems

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Seconds matter when it comes to diagnosing a patient, requiring a robust and scalable storage infrastructure for your PACS / VNA (picture archiving and communication systems / vendor neutral archives) deployment. 

As hospitals and radiology centers around the world evaluate new storage solutions for healthcare PACS / VNA, they increasingly rely on Qumulo to store, manage, and build innovative healthcare solutions to achieve breakthroughs in managing and treating disease. 

The explosion of dense, medical imaging increases the demand for file data systems that scale to petabyte capacity without speed or performance degradation. Healthcare organizations can get the most value from the next generation of medical imaging innovations with a hybrid file system that supports their digital transformations. 

“We are improving patient outcomes by using Qumulo to provide physicians with fast image retrieval, even in our most urgent and challenging cases.”

Mike Brady, Infrastructure Network Supervisor at Dayton Children’s Hospital

Qumulo’s market leading, software-defined platform helps healthcare providers and leading imaging vendors accelerate diagnostics and analysis, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs. Let us help you design a proof of concept (PoC) for your next-generation healthcare PACS / VNA environment. 

Workloads run faster on a storage architecture built for next-gen PACS / VNA environments 

Even hospitals that carefully project their storage needs find that advanced imaging technologies can lead to significant and unexpected increases in storage requirements. Qumulo Core intelligently manages file data storage reducing complexity and costs. Qumulo’s modern file data management and storage solution simplifies the high performance and capacity demands of medical imaging data workloads at petabyte scale.  

Fast, Reliable Image Access: Seconds matter in patient care. Using the Qumulo File Data Platform, providers can easily unify the storage of imaging and clinical data. Clinicians and technicians—located on-premises or remotely—get extremely fast access with the speed of flash to accelerate patient workflows and diagnoses. By eliminating the need for a separate all-flash cache, Qumulo helps lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of PACS / VNA medical imaging systems over the short and long term.

“The FBRI will continue working with human health. We’ll go deeper into genomics and complex imaging. We’re adding more functional magnetic resonance imaging, CT scanners, and PET scanners into the new facility. This expansion translates into more data, more analytics, and more processing. We can confidently do all that on Qumulo.” 

Jason Krisch, Director of IT at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute (FBRI) @ VTC

Simplify Data Management and Storage: To help optimize patient services, Qumulo simplifies managing massive volumes of imaging and clinical data so you can store billions of small files as efficiently as large files. Using our comprehensive API you can easily create automated workflows and integrate with other applications. Integration with your healthcare environment is seamless with support for user data across multiple file data access protocols from Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. 

Take Advantage of the Capacity of the Cloud: Easily manage capacity with a system that grows with your needs. Qumulo’s hybrid platform enables you to centrally manage massive volumes of file data and scale capacity on-premises to the cloud. Our modular software-defined architecture gives you flexibility and choice without cloud vendor lock in. 

Safeguard Patient Data and Ensure Compliance

Qumulo protects patient data and ensures appropriate compliance with enterprise data protection and security. Clinicians have the ability to access PACS / VNA patient imaging and other data securely from different locations while maintaining appropriate privacy and compliance controls. 

Data Services in Qumulo Core automatically protect healthcare data from external threats, integrate with corporate IT security systems, and track usage by internal users. Built in world-class data protection meets company requirements for cloud disaster recovery, backup, and user management helping you eliminate the cost and complexity of third-party applications. For example:

  • Qumulo Protect uses erasure coding to ensure uninterrupted service and automated recovery, whether you lose a disk or an entire node. It also enables you to protect your data against loss or corruption through local snapshots, snapshot replication, continuous replication, or snapshots with replication, working with your preferred backup solution.
  • Qumulo Secure protects your data against external threats, through a combination of wire-level encryption for data-access protocols like SMB and FTP, as well as 256-bit at-rest encryption for all data on the cluster. Additional layers of protection come from Qumulo’s role-based access control that integrates seamlessly with your AD or LDAP service, and audit capabilities that work with your enterprise reporting platforms.
  • Qumulo Aware enables effective data management at scale by delivering comprehensive data analytics across your entire cluster with real-time data visualization. You can see which clients and paths are most active on your cluster, as well as track overall cluster throughput, predict growth trends, and plan for future requirements, all based on real-time metrics that your cluster provides constantly.
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