Consolidate medical and research data storage into a single scalable file storage solution.

Improve overall patient workflow, research and innovation.

Qumulo’s enterprise-proven hybrid cloud file storage enables healthcare and medical research organizations to unify the storage of medical and research data, to speed accessibility, analysis and innovation, while delivering analytics, intelligence and efficiencies to automate processes, simplify management, and reduce costs of storing and protecting data.

Key Benefits

Unify data accessibility to streamline workflows

Speed patient care and services with fast, reliable data access

Efficiently manage rapid data growth, scale-across on-prem or cloud

Take control and reduce storage costs with real-time analytics

Safeguard data with enterprise data assurance, privacy, and security

Research Imaging

Medical Imaging

Video Surveillance & Security

HPE and Qumulo Hybrid Cloud Storage

Qumulo on HPE Apollo 4200 servers delivers a high performance scalable enterprise-proven file storage solution for medical imaging data. This solution meets leading imaging vendors storage requirements and is ideal for healthcare customers’ primary and long-term imaging data archive needs.

HPE and Qumulo Hybrid Cloud Storage
Qumulo and HPE VNA for Healthcare
Qumulo and HPE Storage for PACS

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