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Faster Access to Critical PACS / VNA Imaging Data Improves Care

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Dayton Children’s Hospital (DCH) in Dayton, Ohio, believes that kids and their families deserve a great hospital close to home that delivers expert medical services and groundbreaking research with care and compassion. The hospital leverages state-of-the-art medical PACS imaging for fast and accurate diagnoses and improved patient outcomes. DCH is a top-rated pediatric acute care and teaching hospital featuring the only Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center in the region.

Innovative Healthcare Technologies Deliver Better Outcomes

DCH invests in innovative healthcare technologies to deliver better outcomes for its young patients while supporting the entire family that participates in caregiving. Its mission-critical PACS imaging data resided on a system that had reached end-of-life. To store its massive medical images, the hospital needed a new solution that provided high performance and capacity, intelligent management, cloud integration, and more than enough flexibility to serve an innovative teaching hospital. And to top off the list of requirements, DCH hoped to find a solution that would help the team move their data into the cloud for long-term retention.

Transforming PACS Imaging to a Vendor Neutral Archive

The hospital’s PACS (picture archiving and communication system) is transforming into a VNA (vendor neutral archive) solution making this critical system even more important to patient diagnosis and care. VNA solutions depend on high performance, high capacity, and intelligent systems to optimize image access and sharing.

“In addition to supporting mission-critical PACS, imaging application data, and the cloud, we needed our new file data platform also to host video surveillance, research computing, and clinical department requirements,” said Mike Brady, Infrastructure Network Supervisor at Dayton Children’s Hospital.

Meeting Rigorous Demands and Creating a Path to the Cloud

To meet all of these different use case requirements, DCH required scalable capacity, data analytics, security features, and a path to the cloud to help future proof its investment. The Qumulo File Data Platform was the answer with the following key benefits:

Simplified management – leverage staff for innovation, not administration. The previous system required significant management time. New management simplicity enables DCH’s IT team to concentrate on high-priority technology innovation for healthcare.

Groundbreaking efficiency – manage and gain visibility into multiple workloads. A comprehensive data platform leverages analytics and data delivery to improve healthcare services. IT gains valuable insight into performance and capacity growth, while fast image processing and delivery improve patient outcomes. Insights also help the IT team identify which workloads are using resources and simplifies budget planning.

Future proof – add scale and cloud services with ease. Scalable architecture adapts to DCH’s growth in the datacenter and the cloud. Compliance features simplify healthcare regulations.

“Qumulo provides fast image retrieval by physicians, even in the most challenging and urgent hospital environments,” said Brady.

Read the full case study to understand the hospital’s many challenges in addition to PACS imaging, and why it partnered with Qumulo for a simple yet powerful solution.

Fast, reliable image access

Seconds matter in patient care. Using the Qumulo File Data Platform, healthcare providers can easily unify the storage of imaging and clinical data. Clinicians and technicians—located on-premises or remotely—get extremely fast access with the speed of flash to accelerate patient workflows and diagnoses. By eliminating the need for a separate all-flash cache, Qumulo helps lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of PACS / VNA medical imaging systems over the short and long term.

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