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At Qumulo, We Believe Data Management Needs to be Radically Simplified

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Today we introduced a new suite of data services designed to help our customers radically simplify the way they manage massive amounts of file data. Our goal is to make it simple and cost-effective for enterprise and government organizations to scale, secure, and achieve high performance in their complex unstructured data environments.

Qumulo’s customers now have the power to simplify the complexity of their infrastructure, accelerate innovation, and unleash the power of their data, wherever it resides. We have a set of beliefs that drove today’s announcement.

We believe the performance of NVMe should be available to everyone.

Qumulo introduced NVMe Cached Performance – significantly lowering the cost of performance.

Qumulo offers the file industry’s first software to provide machine learning read and write cache leveraging NVMe. With the introduction of the latest release of Qumulo Core® software and two new qualified hardware options (C-192T and C-432T), Qumulo now offers NVMe performance at the price of disk.

We believe you should not be held back from having access to the latest technology.

Qumulo introduced Qumulo Dynamic Scale – leverage new processor, storage and memory innovation to scale existing deployments.

The introduction of Qumulo Dynamic Scale provides investment protection, enabling administrators to leverage newly qualified platforms with the latest processors, memory and storage devices without the need for forklift upgrades, data migrations, or complex storage pool management. Qumulo users now can add new qualified platforms into existing environments with no need to manage different storage pools or perform a data migration. The new platforms are simply added to the existing environment, data is automatically redistributed and the increased performance and capacity made available to users and applications automatically.

We believe all data should be encrypted.

Qumulo® Secure now offers automated data encryption, for free.

To help make data encryption easy and cost effective, Qumulo is introducing AES 256-bit software encryption at-rest as part of the Qumulo Secure set of data services. Qumulo now encrypts all data, automatically. No additional third-party applications or key managers are needed and there is no added cost. Encryption now comes standard as do all Qumulo features as part of the standard software subscription.

We believe you should never spend your weekend doing upgrades.

Instant Upgrade for Qumulo Core now has 20-second upgrades with no need for maintenance windows.

Software upgrades to IT infrastructure historically required time-consuming planning, maintenance windows, and scheduled downtime. Qumulo’s new Instant Upgrade completes in 20 seconds regardless of the size of the data environment, and can be executed during the business day without impacting user or application productivity.

We believe your data should not be held hostage by vendors.

Qumulo Shift simplifies the transformation of data from file to object now with a new visual interface

Data is typically created in a file format, but applications and developers often want to leverage capabilities and services connected to cloud object stores such as Amazon S3. Qumulo Shift makes it simple to copy data from a file solution into Amazon S3. The new visual interface makes it even easier to leverage data in the location and format that makes innovation fastest. When data needs to be transformed from file to object, customers can simply select their choice of Amazon S3 target buckets and initiate a data copy with the click of a button.

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To see these new data services in action, sign up for our Q-Connect exclusive virtual event Dec. 8-16! At Q-Connect, attendees will have the opportunity to connect live with our technical experts and Qumulo customers to see how our file data platform radically simplifies enterprise data management.

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If you’re tired of breaking the bank for performance, having difficulties accessing data, being constrained in leveraging technology advancements, and paying for clunky data security and time-consuming upgrades, attend this event to see how Qumulo can help.

Key takeaways:

  • Network and hear from your industry peers
  • See Qumulo’s rapid release innovation in action with live demos and open Q&A
  • Join our CEO and other Qumulo executives for an informal talk shop happy hour

Contact us if you’d like to set up a meeting or request a demo. And subscribe to our blog for more helpful best practices and resources!

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