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For high performance and archive workloads

For organizations with large unstructured data, Qumulo is the only file data platform that enables IT managers and developers to store, manage and build applications and workflows with file data at massive scale.

Qumulo provides a complete family of data storage for all your needs when managing your unstructured file data: Persistent Performance, Cached Performance and Active Archive classes.

All the file data services you need, in your platform of choice.

Qumulo’s software license is fully transferable between on-prem and cloud-based platforms so that your investment in our software is usable no matter how your storage strategies evolve in the future.

Options to fit your business.

Qumulo’s file data platform is available on a variety of hardware platforms.

Persistent Performance

The leading All-NVMe file storage system on the market. High throughput and incredible low-latency enable unparalleled read and write performance.

Cached Performance

The highest performance hybrid file storage system in the data center and in the cloud. The flash-first file data platform leverages Qumulo’s machine learning-based predictive caching to ensure most reads are off of flash.

Active Archive

The Active Archive class, with its fast read times, makes all of your valuable data, no matter how long it’s been archived, immediately available to you.

Thinking about a future cloud migration?

Qumulo makes all your data cloud-native—even from legacy applications.

Why they chose Qumulo

Quick, easy install

“I don’t think the Qumulo engineer was here for even an hour. We just popped in some IP addresses and off it went; the deployment was so quick and painless it shaved off weeks of fiddling that comes with traditional storage systems.”

— Nathan Larsen
Director of IT, Sinclair Oil

More cost effective

“What does it actually cost us to store one gig of customer data? Ultimately that’s the number that matters. By doing that calculation, Qumulo came out dramatically ahead because we were about to go from a 10 to 1 conversion ratio with a previous vendor to a 3.5 to 1 with Qumulo.”

— Todd Richert
Director of Infrastructure, Capsilon 

Eliminate storage pains

“Before we moved to Qumulo – hardware, limited capacity, and poor workflow – consumed time and energy. Qumulo just took those issues off my plate, and simplified workflow for our content creators.”

— Clint Miller
CTO, Igniter Media


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