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Draft A First Round Pick in the Cloud Today

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Like having a perfect NFL Draft, properly utilizing file data in the cloud is a process that requires a lot of prepwork. A lot of the work going into migrating to the cloud wouldn’t be unfamiliar to a General Manager of an NFL team in April. Whether the “teams” are scouting the right application, grading the best cloud infrastructure, or making the application fit inside their scheme, the entire process takes time, effort and insights. While every year’s NFL draft seems to have several ‘can’t-miss’ prospects, for file data in the cloud, there’s only one pick: Qumulo Cloud Q.

The key behind a first-round draft pick

The key behind Qumulo’s lofty draft status – and why it is winning accolades from Gartner to Best Cloud DR / Business Continuity Solution – is its mix of scale, performance and versatility. Let’s consider Qumulo as a left tackle prospect, like Evan Neal or Charles Cross, protecting your data while also paving the way for your company to reach its end zone.


Think of scale as the tackle’s size. Qumulo has the ability to scale from Terabytes to Petabytes in the cloud – we’re the only company able to deliver over 100 TB in a single namespace inside Azure, for example, and we consistently see customers scaling their AWS environments into PB territory; no customer has ever requested a size we couldn’t accommodate. That’s a first-round grade.


Now think of performance as the prospect’s athleticism – a first-round talent wouldn’t have a low 40-time right? Nor do we, as evidenced by our ability to achieve over 40 GB/s throughput on high-performance workloads in AWS. Even at a minimum, our 2.5 GB/s performance manages more than enough to cover more simple workloads. The performance benefits carry over to Azure and GCP so you don’t have to worry about losing on-prem performance in the cloud. Easily a second first-round grade.


Lastly, think of versatility as the prospect’s ability to play multiple positions – a first rounder should also be able to play right tackle or guard. For us, versatility is in multiple areas. First, we are supported on all 3 major public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP) meaning you are not restricted to a single OEM or deployment model. Next we have support for multiple protocols including SMB & NFS, with S3 in early preview mode. Plus, we have support for cloud-based Kubernetes environments like EKS and AKS through our new CSI Driver. Mix that with the variety of use cases mentioned above and that’s another first-round grade.clou

Climbing up the draft boards

If most NFL GMs were told of a tackle prospect with first-round grades in size, athleticism and versatility they’d definitely have that player high on their draft board. Well, that’s just what is happening right now at Qumulo in the cloud. Fresh off a blazing Q1 and with customer demand and analyst accolades at an all-time high, more companies are writing Qumulo on their draft cards than ever before. Want to run disaster recovery for your on-prem Qumulo environment in the cloud? Want to support 4k video editing in AWS? How about storing unstructured data from your oil pipeline in Azure? Right now, customers are doing those things and more in the cloud by drafting Qumulo as their file data platform.

From standout prospect to unanimous first-round pick

To make our enticing prospect move even higher up draft boards into the position of a unanimous first-round pick, Qumulo recently announced Cloud Now, a 6-month free POC on the cloud – or clouds – of your choice, using full production environments and enterprise licenses with no need to start over again when you choose to join the many customers purchasing Qumulo in 2022. 

If you’d rather stick to more traditional cloud provider starting points, Qumulo has you covered there as well. We offer multiple AWS Quick Starts including the all-encompassing Cloud Q Quick Start and the media-focused Studio Q Quick Start alongside Adobe and Teradici. We also maintain an AWS marketplace listing and are both AWS Well-Architected and an APN Advanced Technology Partner. We also have a marketplace listing for our Azure offering, which is a fully managed SaaS deployment backed, with Qumulo placed in both its ISV File Services Page and Azure Storage Partners Page.

In short, when you are looking to draft the best cloud file data platform for your business don’t settle for a Day 3 pick – shop in the first round with Qumulo Cloud Q! 

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