Try Qumulo in your data center. Download a free VMware OVA file and create a virtual cluster on your own hardware.

Download VMware OVA

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Your OVA file is available for download at the link below.

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System requirements

For best performance, we recommend at least 8GB of RAM and an SSD to host the virtual images. You need to have VMware Fusion installed on your computer.

You need Internet access. We recommend that you use the Chrome browser. The first time you access the cluster with the browser, you may get a warning that your connection is not private. If you do:

  • Scroll down and click Advanced.
  • Click Proceed to “IP Address”
  • Log in to the cluster as admin.


Once you have downloaded the OVA file, the tutorials below provide step-by-step guides to setting up a Qumulo cluster.

Additional tutorials:

Shutting down the cluster

To safely shut down your cluster, see the Safe Shutdown tutorial. Once a cluster is shut down, you have to power on the VMs again to restart it.