Modern, scalable hybrid cloud file storage for state & local government, and education (SLED)

Unified file storage solution that delivers real-time visibility, scale and control of data to meet today’s evolving digital challenges.

State and local government have been going through tremendous digital transformations. They are managing substantial data growth from many applications, and utilizing modern technology to help improve overall organizational efficiencies, stimulate economic development, as well as enhance employee and citizen interactions, and security. The development of smart cities and the growth of the internet of things (IoT) present new challenges relating to data management and storage for this market.

Educational establishments, including K-12, primary, secondary schools, and universities, are also experiencing data growth and managing major transformations to better support student education. These include initiatives around collaboration, mobility, research, and innovation, as well as engaging technologies that ensure student and staff safety and security at schools and campuses.

Traditional storage solutions can be costly and complicated to manage. They also tend to scale inefficiently, especially if deployments are locally or regionally dispersed, and often offer no native cloud options, making the path to the cloud cumbersome or impossible.

Qumulo’s customers understand the benefits that Qumulo’s industry-leading hybrid cloud file storage provides. Qumulo delivers a modern, unified file storage system that delivers real-time visibility, scale and control of data. It provides a simple file storage infrastructure that can handle petabyte levels of small and large files, with linear scalability to grow performance and capacity, when needed, with no downtime, across on-prem and cloud environments.

Simple Deployment and Integration to Existing Network Clients and Applications

Qumulo software can be deployed in minutes with seamless integration with existing network clients and applications. Qumulo’s enterprise NAS file storage supports heterogeneous environments (NFS, SMB, and FTP), which is perfect for state and local government, and education organizations which tend to use a variety of different applications, across Windows, Mac and Linux environments. Qumulo integrates with Active Directory and LDAP for user security, to manage permissions, controls, and access restrictions for file applications, to create the smoothest workflow possible for mixed-protocol environments.

Simple, Cost-Effective Scalability to Grow Capacity as Needed

Qumulo offers a scalable, cost-effective storage solution that scales across on-prem and cloud environments; utilizing clusters of nodes made up of Qumulo hardware, or pre-qualified hardware from HPE or Dell. Managing growth is simple. Just add nodes to the existing infrastructure to increase performance and capacity levels uniformly, when required, with no disruption or downtime.

Efficient Data Protection and Reliability

Qumulo’s software protects all stored data using erasure coding. This assures superior levels of availability and security protection, as well as allowing 100 percent capacity utilization. Data is protected for the long-term with minimal storage overhead.

Real-Time Data Visibility and Control

Qumulo provides administrators access to real-time analytics that monitor performance, capacity, and usage of the file storage across the entire infrastructure. This allows users to gain insights and manage issues before they occur, and to proactively make decisions around future growth planning.

World-Class Customer Care via Qumulo Customer Success

Qumulo’s Customer Success team is staffed by system administrators and engineers, using dedicated Slack channels for real-time communication. Support includes cloud-based monitoring and phone alerts.

Start With Us and Grow.

Qumulo’s flexible hybrid cloud file system can be employed for multiple use cases within the organization, in addition to primary nearline file storage:

Support for Video Surveillance

In addition to using Qumulo as primary storage, government and educational organizations can also utilize it for integration with video surveillance system software such as Milestone or Genetec, to store video surveillance (CCTV) images, aerial images, footage from body cameras, or data from security devices.

Support for High Performance Computing (HPC)

When universities require reliable, high performance computing to process critical research data, they can rely on Qumulo. Delivering high performance, high density, petabyte-scale file storage, organizations benefit from Qumulo’s All-Flash and flash-first architectures. In addition, when required, and without the cost of additional internal resources, organizations can utilize the public cloud to easily burst compute power to speed workloads using either AWS or GCP cloud platforms.

Customer Story: University of Utah

“Other vendors claim to ‘scale up’ storage, but there’s a fundamental difference with Qumulo: the ability to linearly scale capacity and performance at the same time. Every time I add a node, I’m adding network bandwidth and I/O operations, not just a tray of disks, and that’s critical for us.”

Watch this video to learn about Qumulo’s end-to-end architecture that delivers the industry’s only enterprise-ready hybrid cloud file system.

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