Collaborate with artists and productions experts around the world instantly, with 30+ FPS video playback and virtual workstations via Teradici.

Scale production into the public cloud.

Media and entertainment organizations of any size can scale production into the public cloud with Qumulo CloudStudio. CloudStudio securely moves traditionally on-prem workspaces, including desktops, applications, and data, to the public cloud on both the AWS and GCP platforms.

Key Benefits

Move content development, rendering, and production workloads to the cloud

Better leverage resources and talent across time zones

Collaborate with globally-dispersed teams

Work on projects from anywhere, without the need for software installed on your local machine

How It’s Used
cloud file storage for rendering and vfx

Visual Effects

cloud file storage for rendering and vfx


cloud file storage for video editing

Video Editing

The problem

Legacy storage can’t handle the speed of your business

Organizations doing post-production work of any kind are looking for new and innovative ways to leverage a growing global talent pool, meet blistering deadlines, and keep up with the fast pace and complexity associated with modern visual effects workflows. Unfortunately, today’s legacy file storage vendors lack the scalability, performance and feature sets that these workloads require, limiting the options for a cloud-based production solution.

The opportunity

Accelerate production schedules with Qumulo CloudStudio

Qumulo CloudStudio allows organizations to work on projects from anywhere in the world with uncompromising speed, flexibility, and security. Customers can deploy CloudStudio in AWS or GCP in seconds, allowing local artists to connect from the hardware of their choice, while experiencing seamless 30+ frames per second (FPS) video playback. Qumulo CloudStudio gives administrators peace of mind about security, as all assets are securely stored in Qumulo’s distributed file system where data access can be seen, managed, and controlled in real-time.

When production schedules get tight, or animations grow in complexity, Qumulo CloudStudio enables users to render workloads entirely in the cloud. It’s easy to spin up thousands of CPU and GPU instances in AWS or GCP, and turn render time into an adjustable variable.

CloudStudio Features

The fastest and most affordable file system in the cloud.

Use industry-standard software

Qumulo CloudStudio works seamlessly with many of the major software tools used in post-production today – Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Nuke, Maya, and others. Qumulo’s file storage also supports NFS and SMB protocols, allowing artists to use their preferred applications, and focus on what they do best – producing, editing and delivering great content.

Make intelligent decisions with accurate information

Qumulo’s file system provides real-time analytics that help you to understand your overall storage usage, throughput and source files, and client IP addresses, allowing you to manage your cost and timelines.

Programmable control

Programmatically configure and manage usage, capacity and performance without having to manage your own datacenter.

Render in the cloud

Qumulo CloudStudio lets users scale their infrastructure and create virtual workstations via Teradici on AWS or GCP with ease, enabling efficiency and faster workflow.

Help when you need it

Real people that know storage inside and out, available within seconds via Slack to answer any of your questions. No more service tickets or complicated queuing systems that take up hours of your day – just answers from some of the smartest people in the industry.

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