QF2 for Qumulo P-Series

QF2 on the Qumulo P-series outperforms proprietary all-flash hardware and marks a new era of high performance on industry-standard components.

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Next-generation genomic sequencing and analysis, uncompressed 4K editorial, scientific computing and large-scale datasets for machine learning applications are all examples of workloads that require the fastest file system available. The Qumulo P-series is up for the challenge.

Highest Performance All-Flash Storage. The Qumulo P-Series provides an ultra-high performance NVMe all-flash file storage solution. With throughput of 4GB/s per node, or 16GB/s for a minimum-configuration four-node cluster, QF2 NVMe all-flash is the world’s highest performance file storage system.

NVMe Flash Performance without Compromise. Running QF2 on the Qumulo P-series delivers highest performance AND all the advanced enterprise features Qumulo is known for. These include real-time visibility and control regardless of the size of the file system, real-time capacity quotas, continuous replication, support for both SMB and NFS protocols, complete programmability with REST APIs, ultra-fast rebuild times and much more. Customers benefit from NVMe all-flash performance without compromising enterprise features.

Industry’s Only Cloud-Integrated All-Flash Storage. High-performance workloads don’t exist in isolation. File-based data that fuels them comes from many places in an organization, including from workloads in the public cloud. While flash has many benefits, defining storage based on proprietary storage appliances results in data silos. QF2, which can run on premises and in the cloud, uses continuous replication to create a data fabric that interconnects every QF2 cluster, whether it’s all-flash, hybrid SSD/HDD, or running on an EC2 instance in AWS.

Most Scalable All-Flash Storage. QF2 allows the modern enterprise to easily represent and manage file sets numbering in the billions of files, in any operating environment, anywhere in the world.

Best Price Performance of Any Scalable All-Flash Storage. The Qumulo P-series shatters the price performance barrier of legacy all-flash storage systems. Built for demanding workloads today and in the future, it will widen the performance gap over time with continuous software innovation and rapid improvements in standard hardware components and commodity economics.

Qumulo P-series models and specifications



23TB of raw capacity with 12 x 1.92 NVMe SSDs



92TB of raw capacity with 24 x 3.84 NVMe SSDs

Download the Qumulo P-series data sheet. (1 page, PDF)

Capacity and drives


Raw Capacity


Qumulo P-series 23T


12 x 1.92 SSDs

Qumulo P-series 92T


24 x 3.84 SSDs


Connectivity ports

2 x dual 100GbE QSFP+ NICs

Management Ports

1 x IPMI 1GbE Base-T (RJ45)


Intel Xeon Scalable 6126



Power supply

2 x 1100W (fully redundant, hot-swappable)

Qumulo Core Software

Supported protocols

NFS (v3), SMB (v2.1), REST, FTP

Management API


Total cluster size

4 - 1,000 nodes. (A minimum of four nodes of the same type are required to create a QF2 cluster.)

Data protection

Erasure Coding, snapshots, continuous replication

Storage management

Real-time quotas

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (H x W x D) / Weight

3.5” (8.9cm) x 17.2” (43.7cm) x 29” (73.7cm)

Power requirements

100 – 240V, 50/60hz

Typical and max power consumption

~300W typical, ~700W max

Typical thermal rating

650W (VA), 2,218 BTU/hr

Maximum power consumption

3.55A @ 240V, 7.73A @ 110V

Maximum thermal rating

850W (VA), 2,900 BTU/hr

Operating temperature

50° F - 95° F(10° C– 35°C)

Non-operating temperature

-40° F - 158° F(-40° C– 70°C)

Operating relative humidity

8% to 90% (non-condensing)

Non-operating relative humidity

5% to 95% (non-condensing)





FCC (USA), NRTL (USA and Canada)


FCC Part 15 Class A, ICES-003 Class A


North America

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