File storage for the public cloud.

Scale-out cloud file storage that works seamlessly across environments.

You’re more ready than you realize.

The cloud offers tantalizing simplicity, scalability, and reliability. But if your workload is file-based, you’re faced with an impossible choice. Either sacrifice enterprise features and performance with a cloud-only solution, or rewrite your workflow to function against object storage.

Qumulo’s cloud-native file system automatically cloud-enables your file-based applications — you can truly “lift and shift” the work you do today to the public cloud. You don’t need to change the workflows you’ve built your businesses around. You get the best of both worlds — your workflows with cloud elasticity.

Truly enterprise ready. Truly cloud.

dashboard for qumulo's cloud file storage system
Qumulo file storage can run on premise or in the cloud
High availability provided through clustering and floating IP addresses.
Qumulo file storage can run on premise or in the cloud
Per-directory snapshots, quotas, and replication.
Qumulo file storage can run on premise or in the cloud
Extremely high durability that protects against multiple volume or instance failures.
Qumulo file storage can run on premise or in the cloud
Multi-protocol access including NFS, SMB, FTP, and REST.

Real-time analytics

Qumulo software provides instant visibility and control for file systems of all sizes, even with file counts numbering in the billions. Pinpoint problems, control how your storage is used, and make informed decisions when scaling performance or capacity.

How it works: Cloud file storage

The Qumulo file system is built using compute instances backed by high speed block storage. Qumulo’s flexible clustered architecture empowers you to choose the node quantity and size that best matches your capacity and performance profile. Applications and users experience a single shared namespace regardless of the specific node to which they are connected.

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Blazing fast performance

Qumulo is the highest performance file system in the public cloud.

Elastic, unlimited scale

Build any size cluster, from GBs to PBs and beyond.

Simple to build, easy to use

Intuitive UI and command-line interface means your cluster is ready to use in 90 seconds.

Highest rated support

Bring Qumulo’s legendary support experience with you to the public cloud.

Complete REST API

Use Qumulo’s REST APIs to build and manage a modern application stack.

“We are building a fully orchestrated visual effects rendering solution that spans our on premises data center and AWS. We now have a QF2 cluster on AWS and in our data center creating a unified fabric that enables us to share file data between these two operating environments, maintain workflow consistency, and meet the high performance requirements for heavy compute workloads in the cloud.”

-Jason Fotter, Co-founder and CTO, FuseFX

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