Qumulo DataByte: Average Org Uses 7.5 PB of Storage for Unstructured Data

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The average organization uses 7.5 PB of storage for unstructured data; 17.5 PB for large enterprises. Qumulo can help.

“The data deluge.”
“Drowning in data.”
“The enterprise data explosion.”

However the news headlines might phrase it, organizations today across all industries have file data, and they have a LOT of it – petabytes (and sometimes zettabytes) of it, as the ESG stat here states.

As our CEO Bill Richter wrote last week, “Our lives have become defined by file data.” File data is at the core of how people work and create.

Whether it’s life science-based organizations looking to create new treatments and vaccines, automotive manufacturers seeking to build the next autonomous vehicle, or film and animation studios creating the movies and shows we have all come to rely on these days, all of these industries depend on file-based data.

Qumulo’s unique ability to move that data from on-prem data centers to the public cloud and back helps our customers to accelerate workflows, become more productive, and transform their businesses.

After all, as Qumulo’s David Sniderman wrote recently, “What good is something if you can’t use it? Your data could be serving you better.

Helping our customers – the users that depend on those massive volumes of file data – has been our top priority at Qumulo since day one.

As ESG’s Scott Sinclair and Leah Matuson state, “Every second, huge amounts of data continue to grow across enterprises, driven by new applications, new data sources, and new users. Digital organizations seek to maximize the value of this data to become more operationally efficient, develop new products, and unlock new business models.

“Consequently, the digital economy has established the role of data as an organization’s most important and, possibly, most valuable asset—especially unstructured (file/object) data. Data files, such as logs, images, videos, and documents, introduce endless opportunities from which organizations can extract valuable business insights.”

Qumulo today is trusted to manage more than 150 billion mission-critical files that are at the core of innovation and progress.

For example, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), relies on the Qumulo file data platform to help researchers combat global disease. IHME turned to Qumulo to manage petabytes of health research data. The Qumulo platform provides the scalability and operational visibility necessary to conduct and store life-saving research. With Qumulo, IHME can provide this vital research to policymakers and healthcare institutions to empower them with the evidence they need to make informed decisions, ultimately saving lives.

“As data grows in volume, your data must also grow in value,” writes Qumulo’s Mat Soltis. “You can only unleash that value when your team can access, process and securely store that data without limits, shared seamlessly with other team members, use it with critical applications, and connect it with modern services that more often exist only in the cloud.”

Qumulo’s file data platform is defining a new category in enterprise data management, providing our customers the most advanced solution available in the market for managing and accessing file data to create new services and applications.

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