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New Simplified and Secure Solutions with HPE

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As economic uncertainty looms, organizations face hard choices when it comes to optimizing their limited budget. What happens suddenly when finances are tightened, but your business-critical services are more demanding than ever? 

We know this is an especially difficult challenge for data-driven workflows, which depend on optimal performance from your storage solution. It may be difficult to justify the cost of an all-NVMe solution, even for your high-performance workloads. On the other hand, an all-HDD storage solution, while economical, can’t deliver the throughput your critical systems need.

You shouldn’t have to choose between speed and economy, nor should you have to deploy storage systems from multiple vendors. Managing your enterprise is complicated enough.

Combined Simplicity, Value, and Performance with HPE and Qumulo

HPE’s new hybrid-NVMe nodes, built with HPE’s powerful Apollo 4200 Gen10 Plus platform, deliver the best of both options: the performance of all-flash, at a price point much closer to an all-HDD system. 

Qumulo’s unique architecture writes all data to the flash layer for optimal write performance. As the data ages, Qumulo’s AI-driven data management service identifies colder data for eventual migration to HDD, while ensuring warmer data remains in the node’s flash layer. If the system determines that colder data on the HDD tier is being accessed more frequently, it automatically migrates the target data back to the flash layer to improve performance.

With Qumulo’s automated data management service, up to 80% of all read requests are serviced by the flash layer. You’ll see flash performance for all write operations and flash performance for most of your read operations, even with most of your data residing on the HDD layer.

In addition to the throughput offered by NVMe-driven flash storage, you’ll also experience the increased capacity of today’s high-density HDD technology, and the speed of each node’s optional 100GbE connectivity.

And just like every other Qumulo deployment, you can continue to capitalize on Qumulo’s unlimited scalability and ease of operations.

Comprehensive security features and data services come standard, with most ready and running right out of the box. 

Choices That Fit Your Unique Needs

Every organization has different needs when it comes to unstructured data storage and management. Rather than trying to shoehorn you into a solution that doesn’t meet your needs, or worse, one that adds complexity, we’re providing you with more options. 

  • More (and greater) capacity options in a space-efficient 2U form factor
  • Multiple licensing options based on performance needs
  • As-a-service option through HPE GreenLake that provides a simplified cloud experience

New Built-in Security Features That Are Ready to Go, Right Out-of-the-Box

Qumulo helps ensure your clusters are Simply Secure with multiple layers of enterprise-grade security. These features come standard with no additional charge for any future releases. New features include:

  • Multi-tenancy VLAN Isolation: Organizations can now use virtual local area networks (VLANs) to isolate administrative interfaces from their file system clients, such that the general network population cannot reach the interfaces. This adds an additional guarantee of network protection, while helping consolidate multiple use cases on a single cluster, resulting in potential cost savings.
  • Single sign-on & Access Tokens: Cluster administrators can now eliminate the need for sensitive user passwords when logging into the Qumulo administrator UI or API since user credentials are prime targets for theft by cyber attackers.
  • NFSv4.1 Kerberos Authentication & Encryption: All data is encrypted before transmitting across networks, preventing any bad actor that intercepts the data from understanding it in plain text. 
  • Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 certification of Qumulo encryption: Now, customers with FIPS requirements can maintain compliance and independently verify that Qumulo’s data-at-rest encryption meets the standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Customers who don’t require FIPS certification can rest assured their data is protected by the highest standards.
  • OpenMetrics API provides telemetry data to 3rd party monitoring and alerting systems, so organizations can proactively detect and quickly respond to anomalies at risk of disrupting operations such as an attack-in-progress.

Make Managing Unstructured Data Radically simple

We provide real-time data visibility and awareness, so customers can also know where their data is, who’s accessing it, and how much is being used for greater predictability and efficiency in capacity planning. 

You also get API-first management software that lets you create, manage, and tear down data services, and programmatically retrieve all information, with REST calls. 

Then, you can move data externally to a database or send them to another application, such as Splunk or Tableau. This wide range of commands allows you to further simplify management for everyone, including non-storage experts.

The Perfect Blend of Performance and Cost

Get the best of both worlds with the performance of NVMe and the economics of spinning disks with intelligent caching.

Intelligent caching algorithm lets you optimize performance and cost with a system that predictively moves data to the right media when needed. This results in 80% of reads and 100% of writes going flash-first, which can result in up to 60% faster reads and 200% faster writes than an all HDD box, and up to 80% the speed of all-flash. 

Find out more about Qumulo and HPE

Qumulo and HPE have been partners for several years, working together to deliver file solutions across all industries and verticals to customers. We are an HPE Complete Showcase Solutions partner and were the recipient of the HPE Global Storage Partner of the Year in 2022.

For more information about Qumulo and HPE’s simple and secure data storage management solutions, visit

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