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Qumulo Engineers Work Together to Solve Unstructured Data in the Cloud with AWS

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The AWS and Qumulo partnership led to our launch of both the Cloud Q Quick Start and Studio Q Quick Start in collaboration with the AWS team.

In many ways, unstructured data can appear to be the toughest thing to move to the cloud. After all, file data in the cloud — a major example of unstructured data — needs to be quickly accessible, secure from both internal and external risks, maintain the same performance as on-prem and support all the protocols the team needs. Finding all of this from a single cloud storage vendor — at a good price no less — can be a challenge for an organization seeking to become a cloud-first enterprise.

AWS and Qumulo: Delivering innovative cloud storage for customers

That’s what makes the collaborative work that the Qumulo team has done with AWS so amazing for our clients. Taking the best of Qumulo’s Gartner Magic Quadrant-leading file data platform and AWS’ Gartner Magic Quadrant leading Public Cloud Infrastructure has led to the development of a file data platform on AWS with the scale, performance, multi-protocol support and price companies need to bring their unstructured data safely to the cloud.

“Without a high-performance file system in the cloud, our workflow would be impossible. Qumulo is at the foundation of our AWS storage solution. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to expand to the capacity that we have,” Jason Fotter, co-founder and CTO, FuseFX said.

The AWS and Qumulo collaboration led to the launch of the Qumulo Cloud Q Quick Start last week. This Quick Start allows customers to launch trial or enterprise clusters of up to 6 petabytes in under 30 minutes in just two clicks — a familiar process to anyone who has consumed content in AWS Marketplace. This will let everyone — whether POC or full production — see the major benefits of running Qumulo on AWS: Enterprise scale, Multi-protocol support and throughput performance. Simply put, using Qumulo on AWS can give you greater scale at higher performance with lower per TB cost than the competition — see for yourself at AWS Quick Starts.

Accelerating remote video editing in the cloud with Qumulo on AWS

While the Cloud Q Quick Start is the biggest recent headline, it was the second Quick Start to come out of our collaboration with the AWS team in the past 8 months. In May, joining forces with Adobe and Teradici, Studio Q, a Quick Start aimed at the media & entertainment vertical, launched. This gave video editors the ability to use Adobe Premiere Pro in the cloud at scale while mirroring on-premise levels of performance and security.

These innovations have led to numerous happy customers. As of today, Qumulo held a 4.6 rating out of 5 on G2 and an overall Net Promoter Score of 89 — the 11th quarter in a row with a score above 80. Many of these happy customers are running on AWS; a major reason they are so happy is only Qumulo could provide the file storage performance and scale while enabling their workloads in 22 AWS regions.

“The only way we could expand to the new zone was by implementing Qumulo cloud storage,” said Graham Peddie, COO of Cinesite Studios Montreal. “This approach allowed us to spin up the machines and store data for offsite rendering on AWS US East (Virginia). Without Qumulo, we wouldn’t have been able to do this or meet our deadlines.”

While the past year has shown these successes, there is more on the way with this collaboration. This is the first in a set of industry specific investments we’re making this year. Stay tuned for more!

Scalable storage for file data on AWS

In summary, if you are a CIO needing capacity scale, throughput performance or multi-protocol support for your file data on AWS, know that Qumulo collaborates with AWS to bring that to you at a competitive price. Qumulo is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner participating in the ISV Accelerate Program, and our platform is AWS Well Architected including being AWS Outposts Ready.

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