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How Qumulo Delivers Scalable File Storage and Data Services on AWS

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Qumulo brings simplicity to file data management and storage by delivering scalable file storage and data services on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and simple data mobility directly to and from Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

Whether on-premises, at the edge, or in the cloud, our hybrid-cloud file data platform was engineered for simplicity at scale, enabling you to manage and store petabytes of unstructured data. By providing support for scripted and template-based deployments—and by offering the same features and management tools available on the cloud as on premises—we have removed the complexity from managing cloud-based services.

This means that Qumulo Cloud Q on AWS delivers the same simplicity on AWS as it does onsite, including seamless data replication to and from your Qumulo-based file services on AWS at any scale. And, because Qumulo Cloud Q operates exactly like Qumulo Server Q on premises, you can build file-based workflows in the cloud without having to rebuild your applications.

But that isn’t all. Qumulo Shift makes it easy to incorporate S3 storage into your data lifecycle strategy by giving you data movement to and from S3 at any scale. With Qumulo Shift, you can use S3 storage as a backup and archive repository, or you can leverage hundreds of cloud-native data analytics and transformation applications on AWS.

To make your deployment experience easier, we’ve automated the process of deploying Qumulo on AWS. In the demo, we’ll show you how to use a Terraform script to build an AWS cluster to suit any capacity and performance needs, and create a fully-built cluster in less than two minutes.

Fast, clustered storage management for cloud rendering

An example of simplicity at scale is the use case of FuseFX, a VFX studio that leverages Qumulo Cloud Q to render 32,000 core frames across 1,000 machines in under an hour. FuseFX creates visual effects (VFX) for popular productions like American Horror Story and The Flight Attendant, and uses Qumulo as a long-term solution for fast, clustered storage management.

Watch this short demo to see how Qumulo delivers file-based simplicity in the cloud.

Burst scaling at a rate of 1.3 million IOPS for upwards of 5 hours at a time, with peaks as high as 2 million IOPS

Cinesite—an award-winning digital entertainment studio with 30 years of experience and one of the largest independent service studios in the world—was able to overcome technical barriers in its creative workflows and deliver exceptional imagery on schedule with Qumulo Cloud Q on AWS. Even better, a recent analysis revealed they are able to maintain exceptionally quick cloud-based rendering speed for much longer than previously expected.

“Our team has been able to sustain burst scaling at a rate of 1.3 million IOPS for upwards of 5 hours at a time, with peaks as high as 2 million IOPS, said Jeremy Brousseau, Head of IT, Cinesite Vancouver. “This is a level unheard of in the past, and it highlights how much Qumulo has helped us to condense our production timelines when required and allow artists to have more iterations in less time, overall resulting in higher-quality final work.”

Another use case is disaster recovery to help ensure business continuity. You can easily move your on-premises data to your new Qumulo file system on AWS as an additional disaster recovery site. The replication services that come standard in Qumulo Core deliver high-speed data movement at any scale. Using the real-time analytics dashboard, you can monitor the replication status from the web UI on the source cluster, as well as track the corresponding activity on your Qumulo instance on AWS.

Gaining cost efficiency with unstructured data at scale

Running on our hybrid-cloud software architecture, Animation studio Industrial Brothers went from downtime of almost 2,000 annual labor hours, to zero downtime by switching to the Qumulo File Data Platform — saving approximately $80,000 a year.

Our proven technology helps customers drive successful outcomes on AWS resulting in Qumulo achieving AWS Storage Competency status earlier this year.

Watch the demo and you’ll see how easy it is to:

  • create NFS exports and SMB shares that you can access from anywhere
  • move files from on–premises and edge clusters to Amazon S3
  • backup your data for disaster recovery or archive your workflows to S3
  • augment your data with access to over 100 AWS cloud-native services

With the universal compatibility of network attached storage (NAS), the flexibility of the cloud, and the visibility of real-time analytics—you can experience comprehensive data-lifecycle management—through every phase, whether onsite or in the cloud. You don’t need third party, data-movement tools; and, with multi-protocol file data access for Windows, Linux, and Mac systems, so there’s no need to refactor any of your existing workflows.

Only Qumulo makes unstructured data at scale this simple.

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