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Qumulo’s Recruiting Team Hits the Road to Find Engineering Talent at Leading Universities: Tips for Success

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What a busy time of the year it has been in Qumulo’s recruiting department!

Over the last two months, our recruiting and engineering teams have been visiting some of the top colleges and universities in the country in order to meet and recruit the next generation of Qumulo’s technical experts.

I love going to events like these, and really enjoy making connections with staff and students on campus during recruiting fairs and other employment events. I enjoy seeing the excitement on candidates’ faces when we explain our product and the real-world impact it has on our customers.

This year, our fall recruiting plan included the following schools:

  • University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign
  • Harvey Mudd College
  • University of Michigan
  • Columbia University
  • University of Washington
  • We will also be attending the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) early next year before starting our spring recruitment events.

At these events, we typically have a table set up where candidates can stop by and speak with recruiters and engineers from Qumulo. This is a great opportunity to discuss Qumulo culture, daily tasks for our internship and full-time opportunities, and what specifically makes Qumulo unique compared to other companies. Students bring their resumes to showcase their relevant projects, skills, and work experience. We love it when candidates come prepared with questions! This really shows us that they did research ahead of time.

At these college career fairs Qumulo is focused on hiring interns and entry-level employees for our Software Development Engineer positions. College hires at Qumulo are brought on as full team members, even as interns! Teams work on features directly requested by our customers and release incremental changes on a bi-weekly cadence. Feature work includes file system functionality, protocol updates, and scaling our storage. All work at Qumulo is done with your team and a lot of our code is written in pairs.

I’d say what sets us apart from other companies is the amount of responsibility and freedom you can have as an engineer regardless of your prior experience. Another nice thing is the high level of mutual respect that team members have for one another, which I think is very rare in a lot of other companies.

Career fairs can be a fantastic way for college students to learn more about interesting companies and opportunities to consider both before and after graduation. Qumulo has been participating in career fairs for the past six years, and have made several hires for both full-time and intern positions.

If you’re thinking about attending a career fair, considering the following tips:

Do your research! Universities always provide a list of the companies that will be attending the career fair in advance. It’s vital that you do your research before stopping by the booth – have some questions prepared in advance, and be prepared to demonstrate what skills and experiences you might bring to Qumulo and other participating companies.

Be yourself! This is always my top piece of advice for candidates – it may sound silly, but it’s true. We want to know the “real you.” What are your favorite classes, favorite projects, and what motivates you to be successful? Our culture is very important here at Qumulo, and we want to find future team members that will thrive in our environment.

When I tell students how fun it is to work at Qumulo, I truly mean it. After working for large corporations myself, I realized I wanted to find a company with a unique culture, amazing teammates, and an opportunity for me to make more of an impact. That’s exactly why I landed at Qumulo.

My recruiting team feels like a tight-knit family focused on collaboration in the workplace. Our customers are our magnetic field. There’s a reason Qumulo is a Leader in Gartner’s Distributed File Systems and Object Storage Magic Quadrant (MQ) for two years in a row!

If you’re looking to make a positive impact every day while having fun and forming strong friendships, then you’ve come to the right place! Check out our open positions here and send over your resume.

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