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See how customers rely on Qumulo for mission-critical applications, including building smart cars, developing post-production special effects for blockbuster movies, conducting vital COVID-19 research, and managing millions of documents.
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Media & Entertainment

From animation to remote production to distribution, Qumulo helps major studios and networks capture, collaborate and distribute file data globally.



Cinesite relies on Qumulo to burst render for hybrid environments, performance for 16K video and a cloud native design.



FuseFX meets the fast-paced deadlines of Amazon Video’s top-rated television comedy, The Tick, and other projects.



MARZ accelerates GPU rendering performance and VFX production to meet tight TV production deadlines.

Research Institutions

Top research institutions across the world rely on Qumulo to provide high performance data capture with a single platform that unifies analytics, data processing and storage.


Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

IHME turned to Qumulo when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Qumulo systems have helped IHME to analyze up to 20x more data every day.


UC San Diego SuperComputer

UC San Diego SuperComputer Center uses Qumulo to cost-effectively store and manage enormous unstructured file stores for a broad set of research projects, including space exploration.


Hospitals and biotech companies rely on Qumulo to manage their research and clinical imaging and PACs.



Progenity conducts research in genetic carrier testing, CFDNA screening, and cancer testing, providing the industry with critical data for better patient care. Their genetic sequencing operation produces billions of small files and is all housed on Qumulo software.


Isala Hospital

Isala Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands, rapidly scales the capabilities of its PACS environment to provide optimal patient care and to ensure that physicians have fast access to patients’ full medical imagery for rapid analysis.


Dayton Children's Hospital

Dayton Children’s Hospital, a top-rated pediatric acute care and research hospital, depends on Qumulo to support its PACS imaging application data and other data platform needs.

Enterprise File

Qumulo makes it seamless for enterprises to securely store and share data across Windows, Mac and Linux users with billions of files.


Capsilon (Ellie Mae)

Capsilon’s mortgage business generates billions of files, with tens-of-thousands of small digital files. Qumulo delivered superior management for high numbers of small files, real-time visibility for better insights into the data, and better storage efficiency for outstanding ROI.

Surveillance & Security

Qumulo provides an efficient solution, with low OpEx, for enterprises who need to capture and distribute video data obtained in the air, the deep sea, and any physical location.


Weber School District

Utah’s Weber School District uses a video surveillance system for student safety. They selected Qumulo for its ability to take complex data and put it into a simple GUI, with real-time visibility. The district is now able to significantly increase the amount of data stored, from 120 TB to 750 TB.



Atlantic provides remote sensing, surveying, and consulting services for GIS professionals. Qumulo enables them to easily capture and deliver enormous file formats–such as incompressible, high-resolution aerial imaging data—while doubling Atlantic’s processing rates.

Aerial Imaging


Vexcel Imaging provides high-definition aerial imaging for disaster response to FEMA and insurers. The company uses Qumulo to store massive amounts of large-format digital images on a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Internet of Things (IoT) & Sensors

Qumulo enables enterprises to easily capture and store sensor data to build AI models for automation.


Hyundai MOBIS

Hyundai MOBIS leverages Qumulo to analyze hundreds of terabytes of video data from vehicle sensors used for designing and building assisted and autonomous cars. Qumulo’s cluster can ingest the steady stream of machine-generated data.

Sensor Data


IIHS produces massive amounts of sensor generated data from vehicle crash test simulations to increase auto safety. Using Qumulo, IIHS has real-time visibility and rapid access to its enormous data files, averaging up to one-half terabyte per test.

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