Guest Post by Louis Vitiello, Storage Practices Technical Director, ePlus

Building Scale for Unstructured Data 

Telecommunications and other organizations are facing exponential data growth, especially with unstructured data, along with increasing customer expectations and performance demands. Their traditional storage infrastructures are just not able to support their evolving business requirements. 

To succeed, organizations must address their challenges by adopting the most cost-effective, scalable, flexible and high-performing platforms suited to their specific data and application needs. ePlus helps organizations across all industries address these challenges every day, helping them determine the best approaches and platforms to meet their unique needs, incorporating industry-leading solutions like Qumulo for distributed file data management and storage.

Many organizations require massively scalable file and object storage platforms in the hybrid cloud to house valuable unstructured data including application data, media, log files, archive, long-term backup retention and big data analytics. 

Distributed file data storage is ideal for:

  • Unstructured data that is actively used
  • Organizing data so people can use it
  • Interactive workflows where you need to make lots of small changes to the data (such as updating logs on a log file from a manufacturing device)
  • Interoperating with a multitude of applications and end-user clients 
  • Data security (there is a rich active directory ecosystem of security tools and data services)

For organizations in industries such as telecommunications, utilities, healthcare, video surveillance, manufacturing and libraries, such file data management and storage platforms may be the ideal solution.

See how one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world supercharged its file data storage.

A major telecommunications provider needed to replace its aging scale-out system with a modern storage infrastructure to handle the immense volume and velocity of its machine log data. ePlus, with the help of Qumulo and its hybrid-cloud file data platform, delivered the necessary capacity, reliability and performance the company needed.

Large telecommunications providers make billions of endpoint connections each day, and every connection generates log data that must be ingested, stored and processed to identify events or anomalies. These logs represent daily terabytes of machine data, amounting to multiple petabytes of data over time. 

Storing this immense volume of data requires incredible capacity and performance. The data also needs to have uninterrupted availability, so it can be analyzed in real time. Constant uptime takes both reliable equipment and impeccable customer service. That was the challenge facing this top U.S.-based carrier.

After the telecommunications provider determined its current solution set was too risky for an upgrade and decided that object storage would not be able to provide the much needed file data access protocols, the company approached ePlus and Qumulo for a scalable file storage solution.

Qumulo’s software-defined file data platform offered the telecommunications carrier a file data management and storage solution with the performance and scale the company required, along with the flexible API-based programmability that the object system had promised. 

The Qumulo File Data Platform offers extreme scalability, reliability and painless management which led this telecom provider to immediately add capacity to enhance their business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) system. 

This Data Center post first appeared on ePlus’ blog on April 16, 2021.

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