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Qumulo Cements Strong Presence in EMEA Market

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Leading companies across industries in EMEA turn to Qumulo for leadership in successfully storing, managing, and curating unstructured data

Imelda Hospital

Based in Bonheiden, Belgium, Imelda Hospital is run by 1,700 employees who manage more than 24,000 admissions and 180,000 consultations a year.

Recently the hospital’s storage capacity demands, particularly for its Agfa Enterprise Imaging file data, became a network performance and budgetary concern. Imelda also needed to store a backup copy of their data for cloud disaster recovery reasons and segue towards cloud readiness. 

“We have 1,400 PCs and 300 servers running so there’s plenty of work to be done,” adds Kim Buts, IT Systems Team Lead, Imelda Hospital. “We noticed that the current system was really reaching its limits, and that the doctors had occasional problems with the speed of getting their images on the PACS system. They are used to speed, that when the images come in and they scroll through them, they will all be there in sequence.”

As they searched for a solution, their team took SMB-connectivity, availability, scalability, and low latency into consideration. Latency is a strong concern in the healthcare industry given the need for constant, fast access to diagnostic images to make treatment decisions. In the end, it was clear they needed to go with a software-defined storage (SDS) solution which would enable a connection to the cloud, plus support a hybrid IT environment.

After deployment, Kim Buts shared, “Usually, you won’t hear from a doctor that is satisfied. But since the migration, we have received nothing but positive feedback for the gain in speed.”


London-based LEAP is the UK’s leading independent creative services agency which has served the advertising and marketing community for more than 30 years. Expert teams and innovative technologies are the core of its success, and LEAP is constantly evolving to meet and surpass the market’s high expectations.

Qumulo enabled LEAP to replace resource-intensive backup and dedupe with automated snapshots and replication to Amazon S3. New, cloud-based data protection uses fewer resources, is highly automated and flexible, and enables rapid restore.

LEAP is also integrating a Qumulo API to mirror to Amazon S3, granting file access to its freelance talent. With an extended global network of thousands of in-market experts contracted for localization projects as well as artists, designers and motion graphics editors working remotely, efficient and secure data access accelerates creative projects and improves collaboration. 

Content consolidation and visibility into data gives IT complete control. LEAP’s file data was previously spread across a wide range of disparate legacy storage systems. The previous storage environment was labor-intensive for IT to manage. Locating files at different points in the workflow was a real challenge.

Qumulo’s analytics enable IT to optimize its data infrastructure with visibility into how many clients are connected, who is using the most bandwidth, where the system is growing quickly, in real time. Instead of legacy system guesswork, the IT team can monitor the entire data platform.

Aidan Taub, Systems and Technology Director for LEAP: “Knowing where our data was and how we were utilizing it was a critical requirement. Qumulo’s analytics gives us complete control over our data and allows us to immediately respond to changing conditions.”

Previously, LEAP’s end users experienced slow file opens and stuttering playbacks. Qumulo’s file system, plus an upgraded network, replaced poor performance with fast throughput and zero latency.

With Qumulo, speeds came in at a high of 712MB/s reads and 360MB/s writes – a sustained 240x increase in write speed, and 31x increase in read speed.  

Today, the entire LEAP organization is connected to Qumulo’s file data platform across both office locations. The file system supports everything from VMs and VM hosts, back office applications, heavyweight creative and rendering operations. All without missing a beat!

MDR Broadcasting

Based in the heart of Germany, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) is the dominant regional media producer in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. It complies with its Interstate Treaty as part of the ARD network: the trimedial supply of information and broadcasting services for listeners, viewers and online users is a duty of MDR, according to its programming mandate.

The obligation under public law also includes the guarantee that the multiple, regionally focused programming can be received throughout Germany.

MDR’s previous infrastructure was manufacturer-driven and proprietary. The first video storage system was purchased in 2007. Until recently, MDR was still using parts of its “Stone Age” IT technology.

Falk Uhlig, Project Manager at MDR: ‘From implementation to putting it into service, the whole project progressed amazingly quickly. Everyone at MDR says so. Overall, everything went at a very quick pace, and as far as Qumulo was concerned, very, very smoothly. Qumulo proved to be accommodating. They were always contactable. Really good.’ 

MDR decided on Qumulo to upgrade the technically outdated core for processing video content, the central video storage system, as part of the content management system. MDR wanted to free itself from a manufacturer-driven, proprietary solution.

By partnering with Qumulo, MDR experienced the following benefits:

  • Future-proofed video storage system, capable of coping with the pressure of MDR’s dynamic, day-to-day requirements in every respect
  • Standard hardware instead of proprietary system and ‘black box’
  • Capacity jump from terabyte to petabyte
  • High performance
  • Avoidance of overheads
  • Remote monitoring and impressively fast support

‘We looked at several products and evaluated them. We paid particularly close attention to the video-processing parameters. An MDR-internal proof of concept was provided in advance. Qumulo ticked all the boxes in the set of criteria,’ said Uhlig.

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