Reduce Costs and Gain Flexibility on AWS with Expanded Cloud Q Offering

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Data is at the core of every modern business, and how it is created, used, shared, protected, and stored is a crucial pillar of a data management strategy. In addition, ensuring unlimited scale, continuity, and performance, while controlling costs, is vital to any enterprise data management strategy.

When it comes to traditional cloud infrastructure options, this has been far easier said than done. High barriers to entry, such as costly upfront trade-offs when “lifting and shifting” file-data dependent workloads to the cloud, have traditionally made it difficult to take advantage of cloud innovation and operational models to deliver on digital transformation strategies.

With our new expanded Cloud Q offering on AWS, Qumulo makes large volumes of unstructured file data not only manageable – but a core part of the cloud architecture and DevOps workflow to build new apps and services.

Qumulo has now expanded its deployable software configurations for file data on AWS from five to twenty-seven based on feedback from customers for both efficient use of unstructured data and alignment with budgetary requirements, while delivering the flexibility to support data growth at petabyte-scale and beyond.

“Qumulo on AWS gives us the performance gains needed over object stores and the ability to use our highly-active file data at any scale in the cloud. Qumulo, with its capacity-based consumption options, allows our Line of Business and IT teams to work together on our digital projects without compromising on choice of how we manage our unstructured data or control costs.” – Graham Peddie, COO at Cinesite

What does this mean for our customers?

  • When cloud prices drop, you benefit – immediately. Because Qumulo’s file data platform runs natively on Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Instances and Elastic Block Store (EBS) Volumes, Qumulo customers save when AWS services costs decrease. Coupled with the newly announced EBS sc1 volume price drop, these improvements deliver savings to customers of up to 70% from our previous offerings.
  • You get more performance options not less, enabling much more efficient AWS infrastructure utilization for a wider variety of unstructured file data workloads. More performance options allows for new use cases, like cloud continuity, data lakes, and machine learning-based data intelligence workflows.
  • You get the speed to scale and the flexibility of a cloud-native file system. Customers are able to control costs, maintain existing investments, view analytics across all deployments (on-prem and in the cloud), and avoid expensive application refactoring trade-offs with Qumulo’s cloud-native file system.  This flexibility eliminates the burden of expensive rewriting and refactoring of applications for migration to fit into cloud platforms or over-provisioning on capacity due to limited options.
  • You get radically simple data movement. We offer built-in data movement features at no extra charge to replicate data to a Qumulo cluster running in AWS or with Shift – replicating to S3 object storage. These features enable organizations to optimize their existing investments, and avoid expensive cloud migration costs.


When unstructured data is in the cloud, it is easier to use cloud-native capabilities including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services from cloud providers or other independent software vendors. Teams can take advantage of the flexibility, scale, and work-anywhere access enabled by the cloud to focus on boundary-pushing work.

By making data easily and affordably available in the cloud, organizations have the opportunity to find new value in their data, create innovative business models, and generate entirely new industry-specific workflows using the proven performance and durability of file data.

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