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A modern, enterprise proven, cloud native distributed file system is core to an efficient IT transformation.

Modern file storage: The core of IT transformation.

Qumulo’s modern, distributed file system empowers our public sector customers to gain data center efficiencies, accelerate workloads and analytics, and protect and secure their data.

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State and local government, and education (SLED)

State and local government have been going through tremendous digital transformations.

They are managing substantial data growth from many applications, and utilizing modern technology to help improve overall organizational efficiencies, stimulate economic development, as well as enhance employee and citizen interactions, and security. The development of smart cities and the growth of the internet of things (IoT) present new challenges relating to data management and storage for this market.

A modern, enterprise proven, cloud native distributed file system is core to an efficient IT transformation.

U.S. Federal Agencies and NATO

IT transformation is the ongoing drumbeat in the federal government.  A key focus for these agencies is being able to manage government data as a strategic asset and being able to facilitate the use of federal government data assets by external stakeholders. This includes access and use by the private sector and scientific and research communities, as well as by state and local governments for public policy and education.

A file storage system is a component that is often just assumed to be core to enabling IT transformation. Deploying a modern, hybrid cloud distributed file system is fundamental to effectively and efficiently managing file data (often consisting of billions of files) so you can leverage sophisticated analytic tools and technologies available today.

Federal healthcare

Federal leaders are focused on creating a more efficient, secure, and responsive healthcare experience. Today, with hybrid and multi-cloud environments, automation, and artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, agencies have new opportunities to modernize and reduce the administrative and cost burden associated with legacy infrastructure.

Selecting the right file system is fundamental to ensuring a successful hybrid cloud solution. The file system needs to effectively handle exponential data growth, while improving operational efficiencies. Managing archive solutions within tight budget, is also critical.

Video surveillance

Public safety and security is one of the most important issues for governments at all levels. Terror attacks and other national tragedies have heightened public authorities’ interest in deploying more video surveillance cameras and security devices in many public areas, including city streets and centers, transportation hubs, and utilities, to monitor for suspicious activity.

Deploying a modern file storage solution is very important to support today’s video surveillance and security system demands. Qumulo’s file system was built to meet today and tomorrow’s video surveillance performance, capacity and data protection needs.

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