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Data is the lifeblood of today’s businesses. Data represents our knowledge, our creativity, our hard work. Enterprises need their data to scale across the boundaries of traditional data storage to be scalable, manageable, and accessible anywhere and anytime it’s needed.

Qumulo’s scalable file system is used by companies with demanding workloads or large amounts of files and data. Our customers span many industries and use cases: Media and entertainment, life sciences, healthcare, research, finance, retail, and more!

Media & entertainment

Accelerate performance and productivity with Qumulo.

Meet the demands of today’s data-driven media and entertainment organizations for massive content production and storage, with a modern storage infrastructure that can handle the toughest 4K workloads, with limitless scalability on-prem or in the cloud.

Use cases:

photo of theatre production
photo of a government building


Improve overall patient workflow, research and innovation.

Unify the storage of medical and research data, to speed accessibility, analysis and innovation, while delivering analytics, intelligence and efficiencies to automate processes, simplify management, and reduce costs of storing and protecting data.

Use cases:

Research computing / HPC

Innovate at the speed of life with Qumulo file storage.

Efficiently manage mixed IO performance for billions of small and large files at petabyte scale to accelerate productivity for scientific research, genomics, machine learning and artificial intelligence across multiple industries.

Use cases:

photo of a video surveillance camera
photo of a web-like interconnecting wires

Public Sector / Education

Transform your operations with hybrid IT.

Minimize administrative effort with a modern file system designed to address today’s challenges. Gain data center efficiencies, accelerate workloads and analytics, and protect and secure your data.

Use cases:

Customer Stories

Learn why forward-thinking organizations choose Qumulo.

Qumulo gives Sinclair the performance they need, and the data visibility necessary to properly monitor the rapidly growing digital system.
Qumulo helps EBOX grow its TV service with high-performance, scalable file storage.
A modern storage platform tames monsters, aliens, robots and zombies for MARZ.

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