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What We Do at Qumulo

Qumulo helps customers who use massive-scale unstructured data to sequence genomes, discover new drugs, make movies, build intelligent vehicles, and find insight from petabytes of file data. We help them by building petabyte-scale file systems in the public cloud, in their data centers, and increasingly at the edge.

We obsess over creating simplicity and delight for our customers. Our business model is built around winning new customers and keeping them happy. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) backs that up, with Qumulo regularly earning an 80 NPS or better.  

Our product is a scale-out distributed file system that lives in the user space. Because our system is software defined, and follows a CI/CD methodology with a modular and extendable codebase, it runs natively in the public cloud as well as on commodity hardware.

We’ve built our file data platform over the last 8 years by listening and innovating. We have hundreds of customers running our file products across the globe, on-premises and in the public cloud. Learn about our next major release, Qumulo Core 4.0.

Industry analysts have come along for the ride too; for example, Gartner has recognized Qumulo as a leader in distributed file systems for 3 years in a row.

Who We Are and What We Believe

We are a small group of talented people charged with making the most important decisions at the company. As a member of the Product team, you own the product. Your job is to gather the data, balance long and short-term priorities, and make the best decisions possible for our customers. We believe, as long as we keep this in mind for everything we do, we’ll be fine.

Breaking Customer Satisfaction Records

Customers Are Our Magnetic Field

As a Product Team, these are the basic principles we use to guide our work every day:

  1. Do right by our customers, everything else will follow. That means you need to know what they want. Call them, Slack them, survey them, and above all go visit them in person (when COVID allows).
  2. Simple wins. We strive for radical simplicity in everything we do. That means taking a little extra time to think about what we can cut, what steps we can remove, and how we can make it easier for our customers to understand what we do. 
  3. You own your part of the product. It’s your call. Your job is to know what customers need, understand the trade-offs, and assert direction. 
  4. You are part of the delivery team. Banish the word “them” from your vocabulary. You are a member of the scrum team, you are a member of the sales team, you are a member of the marketing team, and you are a member of the exec team. 
  5. When in doubt, invent. Better products should cannibalize weaker products, disruptive prices should destroy our existing models, new features should kill weaker features. 
  6. You get paid to ship and make an impact. Your job, at the end of the day, is to bring new products to market. You will be evaluated on what you ship and the impact it has. More importantly, the best way to make your stock valuable is to ship successful products.
Jason Sturgeon

Jason Sturgeon
Sr. Product Manager

Life at Qumulo: Collaboration and Ownership

“Product management at Qumulo works the way it should everywhere. Qumulo gives you ownership and the ability to work with great teams of engineers to deliver awesome solutions to customers. You own the feature or the product, talk to customers, work with engineering regularly to define and build that feature, and then help enable the field to drive success.”

Read Jason’s blog on NVMe cached performance

Openings in Product Management

If you are excited about the possibility of owning a core product at a customer-obsessed, infrastructure software and services company, take a look at the featured roles below and apply, or see all our openings.

Director of Customer Insights

This role encompasses building for the future, and delivering today. You will build and deliver a roadmap of customer insights technologies and tools, while simultaneously answering critical questions today.

Senior Product Manager for Pricing & Monetization

Your work will define new monetization models the company uses to deliver unique value to customers while driving profitable adoption of our products and services.

Principal Technical Product Manager, Cloud Services

In this role, using your people and technical leadership skills you will define the long-term vision for one or more public cloud offerings and build through relentless product execution.

Senior Technical Product Manager, File and Cloud

In this role you will be responsible for envisioning, defining, launching, and scaling new Qumulo cloud file software capabilities and products.

A Day In the Life of a Product Manager at Qumulo

  • Hold a daily standup with your scrum teams to ensure that everyone is working on the most important problems.
  • Meet with customers to learn about their business, uncover pain points, and gather product feedback so that you can build the products they need.
  • Write and deliver a Product Brief and FAQ to the executive team so that sales, marketing, finance and customer success are ready to bring your product to market.
  • Work with finance, sales, and marketing to build a new pricing model for a new service.
  • Join a webinar, produced by the marketing team, and meet with bloggers and analysts to evangelize the product, service, or feature you just released.

Product Management Blogs

Breaking Customer Satisfaction Records

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