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Diversity is a journey we’re on

Qumulons work better together. We share our different perspectives as a best practice. That’s why we work collaboratively in teams and across functions. We believe the more diverse we are, the more creative we can be, and the more inclusive, the better we can innovate and delight our customers.

Everyone is welcome at Qumulo regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, or ability. Sharing different ideas and perspectives inspires great work.

As a fast-growing startup, we’re taking the time to focus on inclusion now. It’s important to ensure that all employees can be their authentic selves working in a collegial environment with equal opportunity to thrive. Our D&I programs and activities are grass-roots efforts led by employees and supported by Qumulo’s leadership team.


Find your community at Qumulo

Build relationships, network, and create a sense of belonging with employees that share similar interests and backgrounds. In addition to camaraderie, these groups can help with professional development and mentorship. You can find your community at Qumulo on our Slack channels and connect or start a group of your own. Here are some examples.

  • FTW Group – The FTW group is a community and support system for all who identify as femme, trans, or women. We foster community and connection to encourage and advance these marginalized groups in tech, and work towards equity and inclusion for all historically marginalized genders.
  • Inqlusivity Group – Inclusivity is led by a core group of employees who want to see Qumulo become a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive place. We work on evolving our corporate values and improving the inclusivity of the hiring process. Our members are educating themselves and the whole company about topics like anti-bias and anti-racism.

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