Why Qumulo Partnered With Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Qumulo recently announced exciting news, and that’s why I joined thousands of technology professionals in Las Vegas this week for HPE Discover. We announced that Qumulo Core will now be included in the HPE storage ecosystem. We are delighted to partner with companies like HPE, because it gives our customers the choice to run our world-class software defined scale-out file system on a platform that best suits their needs.

Customers want choice and flexibility. These are things we all value, but something legacy scale-out vendors don’t offer their customers. They force them to buy scale-out file systems welded to their own proprietary hardware. Imagine if VMware only ran on their proprietary servers, or if Microsoft had built Windows to run only on their PCs. That’s unthinkable!

Customers resist being shoved into that box because over time (or often immediately) they are forced to sacrifice capability and incur unnecessary costs. In contrast, a partnership like the one between Qumulo and HPE offers multiple layers of value to modern enterprise technology consumers. It allows customers to choose the best-of-breed technologies, deployed as an end-to-end solution from a globally recognized, trusted brand.

It’s About the Whole Solution, Not a Single Product

We’re customer focused technologists here at Qumulo. We wake every morning and go to sleep every night thinking about how to make the world’s best scale-out storage solution. That is how we’ve been able to bring the world incredible capabilities that add immediate business value. Features like deep and rich data analytics built into the file system help our customers understand their data in ways they never could before. An incredible level of simplicity and ease-of-use eliminates the painful management burdens inherent in legacy products. We’re helping companies deploy file based applications in the public clouds. Delivering an incredible product with exceptional support to customers, is our singular focus.

However, IT professionals need complete, end-to-end solutions. When they wake up in the morning, they say, “I need to reliably run this application at a favorable economic cost.” They need outcomes. Companies like HPE integrate best-of-breed products like ours with compute, networking and services. This takes the guesswork out of the customers hands by giving them proven and complete solutions.

Building Trust Through Building Partnerships

By partnering with Qumulo, HPE puts itself in the role of a trusted advisor. Not only are they offering their own excellent products, but introducing their customers to other innovative technologies. They can tell their customers, “Rely on us to find the best things out there for you and bring the best, most innovative solutions to you.” HPE already has phenomenal products along all sorts of segments. But their openness to partner with companies like us sets them apart from other vendors. It shows a commitment to get their customers the best technology available, regardless of who is making it. That is something we want to be a part of because it brings tremendous value to customers.

Looking Ahead to the Future

There is a large segment of storage buyers who really need scale-out file. They have data footprints in the hundreds of terabytes that are quickly growing to petabytes. These customers have the most pronounced need for a product like Qumulo Core. And if these customers have standardized their data centers around HPE gear, they now have the option to leverage our file system.

We’re just getting going with partnerships like this. This is proof that putting our customers on the path towards success means giving them choice and flexibility when shopping for storage.

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