Top 10 Reasons Why I Joined the Qumulo Team

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I am beyond thrilled to now call Qumulo home! Whether you are a technology partner, reseller, prospective employee, analysts or journalist, Qumulo is a company to learn more about. There is so much that is positive about this company, both on the surface and behind the scenes, that makes Qumulo “one to watch!”

I could easily come up with more reasons here, but I do have a word count to adhere to, so I’m sticking with just my top 10.

Top 10 reasons to join Qumulo

#10 – It’s based in Seattle. This is the worldwide center of cloud computing. I interviewed looking out over the Pike Place Market. My desk has a direct view of the Space Needle.  Seattle is a great location for work, customer visits, shopping for dinner supplies, and for family and friends to visit!

#9 – The company, investors and technologists who founded Qumulo also founded Isilon. These folks have a track record of wildly successful innovation and go-to-market capabilities.

#8 – The leadership of the company is personally invested in building a best-of-breed team. The CEO, CMO, CFO, VP of Product, and VP of Global Sales each put their personal time into recruiting, retaining and inspiring the team. They are in the halls, available on instant messaging and interacting with the team consistently.

#7 – The management interface to the Qumulo software is super easy to use. One of the most consistent complaints about older file storage systems is that they are a nightmare to manage. Command lines, limited APIs, multiple GUIs, poor log file information, etc., etc., etc. Qumulo addressed this from the first release of its product. It’s easy to use, easy to manage and easy to develop applications through the APIs.

#6 – Qumulo building blocks are hyperconverged. The hardware platforms used by Qumulo are industry standard, and complete with compute, memory and storage all in the single “box.” No need for separate metadata controllers, separate storage building blocks and separate application servers. This makes it much easier to design, network, support and scale.  And, much more cost effective!

#5 – Qumulo actually is “software-defined.” Customers want software-defined storage for a wide variety of business, strategy and architectural control points. Qumulo’s file storage system was designed from the bottom up with the pricing strategy, software delivery models, certified platforms and support offerings to be truly software-defined. This is what today’s buyers want, and with Qumulo, there is no compromise on technology to achieve it.

#4 – This may sound kind of geeky, but this actually is a reason to choose Qumulo’s technology! Today’s world is data-driven. Much of the data being collected (think: surveillance cameras, autonomous vehicle sensor data, cameras strapped to Red Bull extreme athletes…) cannot be recreated. Qumulo protects data from the moment it is written to the file system. Old RAID-based file systems simply cannot do this for users without effectively doubling the cost of their systems to make duplicate copies on write (that is expensive and impractical). And the frosting on the cake… data indexing is built in to the file system. No longer does a system have to walk the file system tree or query metadata to analyze their data. Qumulo has real time data analytics. For real!

#3 – The file system architecture is second to none for the demands of a cloud-centric world. Qumulo is designed to leverage the cloud. Cloud was not added as an afterthought to an older technology in a patchwork fashion. Every feature, every interface, and every building block within Qumulo’s storage system is cloud-aware. Whether users leverage the cloud today or just want a technology that can get them there later, Qumulo is the best choice for a file storage solution.

#2 – The technology.  At Qumulo, the development is much further along than the marketing. Qumulo got this right. They were founded in 2012 and did the hard work of building a brand-new architecture long before they got in to the market. A general rule of thumb is that it takes six to eight years to build a file system from scratch. Qumulo has been visionary since its inception and started to build the file system more than six years ago that is needed for today.

#1 <…drum roll….> – The employees are treated with the utmost respect. From the moment I reached out to Qumulo to express my interest in joining the team, to the moment I accepted my offer, every single interaction with every unique individual was respectful, enthusiastic and collaborative.

Next to come on this blog from me: “The Top 10 Things I Learned About Qumulo AFTER I Joined!”

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