In an effort to continuously improve patient care and business continuity, healthcare organizations need to embrace and employ advanced IT infrastructure for healthcare and clinical technologies. As large volumes of medical and research data are being created, this data needs to be stored, secured and protected, and also be readily accessible to all clinicians. To scale to support this growth, healthcare organizations are finding that traditional IT storage solutions add complexity and cost, and significant operational overhead, effectively defeating the benefits that these advanced technologies were intended to provide.

To address these cost and complexity issues, and to support efforts to improve overall workflow and patient care, healthcare organizations need to move beyond traditional IT storage management and embrace the next generation of hybrid cloud file storage.

Qumulo’s hybrid file software provides many built-in efficiencies to help healthcare and research organizations ease scaling complexities in the data center and in cloud environments, reduce operational and administrative costs, and more intelligently plan for future capacity and performance requirements.

To address scaling complexities, Qumulo’s software-defined architectural design employs clusters of nodes made up of Qumulo hardware, or pre-qualified, industry-standard hardware from HPE or Fujitsu. Organizations can deploy and scale Qumulo on-prem or in multiple cloud environments, including AWS and GCP, as and when required. Simply and easily. With no forklift upgrades. EVER.

In addition, with Qumulo, administrators are managing the cluster as a single entity, so the administrative costs do not increase linearly, as capacities expand. Another key cost saving efficiency feature to note is that, unlike other legacy NAS storage solutions, Qumulo enables maximum file storage efficiency for both small and large files, and allows 100% usable storage capacity, without adversely affecting performance.

Whether healthcare organizations are only beginning to consider how to use the cloud to reduce costs or to provide more efficient interchange of medical images and files, or they are considering how to leverage the cloud to boost compute for research projects or to enhance collaboration, they can benefit from using Qumulo’s hybrid file software. Qumulo’s software is cloud-native and offers a single software package and licensing model that scales data from a wide range of on-prem platforms to the cloud.

Finally, Qumulo’s hybrid file software provides built-in real-time analytics that provide insight across the entire file system, to enable hospital system storage administrators to easily monitor storage usage and performance trends. With greater visibility, administrators can optimize environments and reduce costs through more efficient operations, more effective use of capacity, and prediction of future storage requirements

Qumulo’s hybrid file software helps today’s healthcare organizations transform to support technologies of today and the future, and free themselves from costly and complicated legacy storage systems. Further, with Qumulo, organizations can consolidate data to streamline workflows, and easily scale to accommodate rapid growth, either on-prem or the cloud, so they can continuously improve patient services and commercial efficiency.

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