Take Control of Your Data with Qumulo’s Real-Time Data Analytics Dashboard

Qumulo Analytics UI

It’s difficult to manage what you can’t see, and impossible to drive outcomes after the fact. That’s why Qumulo’s real-time analytics dashboard and data services were built into Qumulo Core– to  control access, monitor usage, prevent bottlenecks and predict costs using live data.

Effective data management at scale is impossible without real-time data visibility 

Whether your Qumulo file system software is running on-premises or in the cloud–you use the same familiar intuitive web user interface and real-time data analytics to manage all your data. Graphical visualization of data services lets you monitor and control your data live, from Qumulo’s intuitive analytics dashboard. 

Organizations with unstructured data in the cloud have discovered that Qumulo’s cloud-based analytics help enable efficient new working models, more flexibility with predictable costs and faster production.

Watch these short videos to see real-time data analytics at work. 

Qumulo Aware visually delivers comprehensive data analytics across your entire cluster. See which clients and paths are most active on your cluster, track overall cluster throughput, predict growth trends, and plan for future requirements, based on real-time metrics from your cluster. Watch the video.

Qumulo Scale was built to serve petabytes of data from a single namespace – meaning billions of files, millions of operations, and thousands of users. Scaling your Qumulo cluster is simple and seamless – new nodes are quickly discovered by the cluster, and can be added with a few clicks. Our efficient architecture enables 100% of your cluster’s capacity to be available without any performance loss. Watch the video.

Qumulo Perform provides intelligent caching to enable high performance for demanding workloads. Its flash-first approach enables high-speed data ingestion, and its ability to track  activity allows it to  prefetch hot data into NVRAM before it’s needed. Watch the video.

Qumulo Secure protects your data against external threats, through a combination of wire-level encryption for data-access protocols like SMB and FTP, as well as 256-bit at-rest encryption for all data on the cluster. Additional layers of protection come from Qumulo’s role-based access control, which seamlessly  integrates  with your AD or LDAP service, and audit capabilities that work with your enterprise reporting platforms.

Qumulo Protect uses erasure coding to ensure uninterrupted service and automated recovery, whether you lose a disk or an entire node. It helps  protect your data against loss or corruption through local snapshots, snapshot replication, continuous replication, or snapshots with replication, using your backup solution.

Qumulo Integrate automates your data management workflows with a rich library of API calls and functions, lets you create and tear down data services and workflows, configure snapshot and replication tasks, and all other data-management operations, programmatically.  Watch the video.

Qumulo Shift makes it easy to move data to and from Qumulo’s file system and Amazon S3 without refactoring applications. The simple visual interface lets you tier data to Glacier, collaborate on it globally or use your data with AWS cloud services. It also supports data backup, recovery, and archival in the cloud. Watch the video.

All the benefits of an efficient data architecture built into the core

All the features of Qumulo’s efficient data architecture – file data storage at petabyte scale, data protection and security, data mobility, and data awareness – are right on the dashboard for you to monitor and manage in real time. There’s no modular licensing or add-ons that increase your cost. A software subscription for Qumulo File Data Platform includes incremental releases, giving customers automatic access to the latest software updates, fixes, and feature innovations.

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