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Studio Q on AWS: Your Post Production Platform in the Cloud

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The global pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation, especially in media and entertainment (M&E) where post production studios are facing higher demands for high-quality video content along with more data challenges than ever before. There is a critical need for creative teams to use Adobe Creative Cloud in a post production environment and collaborate from anywhere. 

How can studios produce content quickly, engage global talent pools, and rapidly deploy workstations that leverage post production workflows in the cloud?  Qumulo has the answer.

Qumulo Studio Q on AWS enables global creative teams to run Adobe Premiere Pro–at unmatched speeds–on a post production platform in the cloud. Now, content creators, editors, and artists in various geographical locations can rapidly create, modify and produce media content at the same speed and efficiency as if they were located on-premises using the studio’s data center for processing and file storage. We’ve made it simple to get started too.

Announcing Studio Q Quick Start

To simplify deployments, Qumulo partnered with AWS on the Studio Q Quick Start – an AWS CloudFormation Template that automates the majority of the setup work and incorporates all four vendors that make up the Studio Q post production platform: Adobe, AWS, Qumulo and Teradici. With this simple solution, you can get off to a quick start easily. 

Qumulo Studio Q is a comprehensive post production platform that enables creative teams to replicate the collaborative editorial production process on AWS. With a simple CloudFormation deployment, studios, broadcasters and corporate video production teams can now run Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects on AWS, unleashing content creation workflows, previously suboptimal or impossible with other file systems. 

Studio Q Quick Start: How it Works

  • Store: Effortless high-performance connectivity for all, across Windows, Mac and Linux with multi-protocol support. Dynamic scalability to support petabyte levels of growing video and editorial content and new projects, with built-in security and data protection. 
  • Manage: the Studio Q Quick Start provides a preconfigured editorial environment for immediate use. Qumulo’s high-performance, intelligent file data platform meets the rigorous demands of mezzanine editorial workflows. Enable creative, news, promotional, and long form content editors using 2K and 4K to do their work seamlessly from anywhere.
  • Create: Your creative team is doing remote video editing in the cloud with Adobe Premiere Pro using Studio Q on AWS. 

Studio Q, combines the power of the Qumulo File Data Platform with Teradici CAS with PCoIP technology to enable a unique virtual desktop per editor, allowing simple and easy collaboration with a rich and lossless user experience across shared media assets without disruption. With the Studio Q Quick Start, enterprises with high-performance mezzanine editorial workflows can now rapidly deploy a complete studio in the cloud for collaborative, remote editorial teams to: 

  • Meet deadlines faster and easily scale new projects
  • Speed productivity with enhanced remote collaboration 
  • Count on fast, reliable access to applications, content, and clients
  • Secure data with built-in, end-to-end data encryption at-rest and in-flight
  • Leverage AWS core cloud services via automatic integration 

To provide an easy pathway to the cloud, two platform service options are available via the AWS Quick Start catalog. Customers can choose Studio Q’s self-service model through their own AWS account or undergo a guided sales experience to test editorial workstations. The testing and developing route will support customers that are moving current workstations to the cloud. Customers looking to engage in a guided sales experience to test their specific use case may be eligible for AWS credits as part of the testing.  

Remote Video Editing and Collaboration Like Never Before

Studio Q is expanding and simplifying remote video editing and collaboration to enhance productivity through creative workstreams. Studios can move terabytes and petabytes of video to the cloud, edit video easily with their favorite Adobe tools, connect their files to AWS cloud services, manage video files, and secure important file data. Just bring your Premiere Pro license, and run your creative workflows at massive scale.

“The increasing demands for video production paired with today’s shift to remote work have left creative teams within the media and entertainment industry with more data challenges than they ever thought imaginable,” said Ben Gitenstein, Vice President of Product at Qumulo. “Studio Q is a cloud solution that allows global teams to run Adobe Premiere Pro on AWS with the same performance of an on-premises workstation.”

As post-production studios, corporate video editors and broadcasters shift their creative workflows to a remote environment, Studio Q accelerates the transition to the cloud by making it radically simple. Customers can leverage the Studio Q Quick Start to select pre-configured Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, quickly spinning up the entire Studio Q environment in AWS, reducing hundreds of manual procedures to just a few steps, and allowing video editors and artists to get up and running immediately. Teradici CAS provides the flexibility to work from anywhere, enabling simple and secure access to Studio Q with an outstanding user experience.

“Qumulo on AWS gives us the performance gains needed over object stores and the ability to use our highly active file data at any scale in the cloud,” said Graham Peddie, COO from Cinesite. “Qumulo, with its capacity-based consumption options, allows our Line of Business and IT teams to work together on our digital projects without compromising on choice of how we manage our unstructured data or control costs.” 

Qumulo has seen major growth in the M&E industry, with customers using our state-of-the-art file data platform to move data easily, create simply, connect to AWS, and manage their data securely. Studio Q QuickStart makes it radically simple for creative teams to collaborate anywhere on their own post production platform in the cloud. 

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