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Uncovering the Layers to Achieve Digital Infrastructure Transformation

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Legacy file solutions can’t solve today’s file data challenges. If your infrastructure is struggling to keep pace with the needs of your business and leaving you stranded at work, it’s time for a digital infrastructure transformation!

Watch this webinar on demand to hear Qumulo’s digital transformation expert, Dr. Stefan Radtke, along with special guests Marc Lucas of Commvault, and René Hübel of Fujitsu, discuss how digital transformation can propel your business forward. You’ll learn why a flexible and agile file data platform, that can handle all of your enterprise data in one place, is the core of any digital transformation.   

Discover the keys to achieving success across the four layers of digital transformation:

  1. How to define your baseline for transformation
  2. Designing a new architecture to manage unstructured data 
  3. Why you need multiple layers of data protection and security
  4. How to deliver value economically across legacy and modern workloads 

In addition, you’ll learn about digital transformation use cases such as how AI/ML is being applied to images at the Tokyo Olympics to accelerate face recognition, or how genomic research applies data visibility to reduce cancer diagnostics time from 2 weeks to 1 day.  

Learn the Secrets to Digital Infrastructure Transformation

Qumulo and Fujitsu are working to help enterprises define target architectures, as well as analyze hybrid landscapes in terms of platforms, storage, workloads and data management. The right data architecture is critical to enable full access and control of data across edge, core and cloud.

Together, Qumulo and Commvault provide you with a fully protected solution for massive amounts of unstructured data, making incremental-forever backups of Qumulo systems with billions of files fast and simple.

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