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Before partnering with Qumulo, ON24’s legacy storage environment – which included Hitachi, Veritas, and EMC Isilon – reached the end of its scalability road at 1 billion files. This was a significant disruption to the service level agreements ON24 had with its customers, causing the company to scale back its retention days from 60 to 45 days.

Inefficient capacity, inadequate scalability, and the risk of data loss were just some of the main reasons ON24 decided to look at Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage.

The ON24 team went from maxing out its storage threshold to deploying a 700TB system with Qumulo. At the projected rate of growth, the company will not have to add another node for one or two years. And when they do need to scale their file system, the process will be simple and non-disruptive.

“The main thing is that we don’t have to worry about storage anymore, which we were constantly doing before we had Qumulo,” said Sudershan Virdi, Senior Director of Network Operations. “Scaling our Qumulo file system is a simple process, and we expect the system to last at least the next 3 to 5 years.”

Although costs were a secondary concern for ON24, Qumulo’s pricing in terms of both capital and operational expenses was extremely attractive.

With Qumulo, ON24 was able to evolve from an overloaded legacy storage system and a high-risk replication environment to a simplified, consolidated, scalable, and simple storage infrastructure.

Sudershan put the shift into perspective. “We needed to update our technology so it would support our business, not hurt it. We decided to consolidate on a scalable NAS environment. We needed fast snapshot replication, simplified architecture, more capacity, and in-depth reporting to the file level. Qumulo gave us all that, plus cost benefits and great customer support. We definitely made the right move.”

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