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Qumulo DataBytes: 86% of Orgs Report Difficulty Gaining Value from Distributed Unstructured Data

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ESG Research, in partnership with Qumulo, recently conducted a study of 152 IT decision makers in North America (US and Canada). These decision makers work in the IT department for their organization or are embedded in a line-of-business group knowledgeable about their organization’s cloud and/or data storage environments. ESG found several themes running through the study and uncovered insights on the use of file data by modern organizations.

Based on the ESG Research survey 86% of organizations say their unstructured data is distributed, making it difficult to gain value from this data.

“While companies must quickly locate and leverage the right data at the right time in order to address the needs of the business, without the right tools, they will find it difficult to succeed. IT must look to technologies that can help address this pressing challenge,” wrote Scott Sinclair, ESG Senior Analyst, and Leah Matuson, ESG Research Analyst.

Qumulo can help.

Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file software and cloud file data services were designed to provide a single solution to consolidate, manage, and derive insights from vast quantities of unstructured data no matter where it resides: edge, core, or cloud. Within Qumulo’s file data software, data management functions enable applications to burst compute in AWS or GCP, and shift workloads that require real-time data insights, automated data management and massive scalability to the cloud.

With Qumulo, moving data to the application, wherever it resides, is efficient as it enables workloads to move without application refactoring. Our hybrid file software helps our customers to consolidate massive data volumes, extend data and workloads to the public cloud, and transform business operations.

Qumulo’s software is designed with platform flexibility in mind. Our software runs on industry-standard hardware in the data center as well as file data services in the public cloud with AWS and GCP. The choice is always yours!

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Download the ESG Research Insights Paper to learn more.

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