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Qumulo DataBytes: 90% of Orgs Say On-Prem Storage Should Align to Current & Future Cloud Goals

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There is a need for persistent petabyte-scale, file-based solutions in the public cloud to bridge the needs of existing customer applications and workflows, that offer the agility and scalability of public cloud services.

Nearly all industries are being challenged today by disruption and upheaval. So how can today’s enterprises stay competitive?

Organizations can invest today in technology that will take them to the cloud when they’re ready.

The faster that organizations can create, store, analyze and share their data on-premises and in the public cloud, the faster they can accelerate winning business strategies. Moving data, applications, and workloads to the cloud allows organizations to better focus on their core competencies, accelerate innovation, increase data security, build new solutions, and reduce costs.

With the growth of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, it’s clear that many organizations are finding success on their cloud journey. The public cloud offers dynamic and scalable services and virtual infrastructure to solve customer needs, but that journey to the cloud requires using cloud-native APIs and architecting for application-level resiliency.

We understand it can be difficult for organizations to transition to the cloud. Unstructured data sprawls across users, storage systems, and a vast variety of applications. Further, organizations can be hesitant to keep all of their cloud data on just a single vendor’s solution platform for fear of lock-in, scalability limitations, or the risk of a single point of failure.

There is a need for persistent petabyte-scale, file-based solutions in the public cloud to bridge the needs of existing customer applications and workflows, that offer the agility and scalability of public cloud services. Additionally, modern enterprises need data storage solutions that provide visibility into their unstructured data environments, as well as the technology to extend their unstructured data creation, processing, and analytics applications to the cloud. This requires a file system that can deliver the performance, security, and enterprise features mandated in the data center, that also can run natively on public cloud infrastructure.

Qumulo provides software for file and data services across public and private clouds at petabyte-scale, with data services that meet the demands of industry giants in media and entertainment, silicon design, life sciences, manufacturing and oil and gas exploration. This means customers can harness all of the public cloud power through Qumulo’s API and leverage their data no matter where it resides.

Qumulo’s cloud-native file system (available for purchase in the GCP Marketplace and the AWS Marketplace) delivers an identical experience and capabilities across edge, data center and multicloud. File data of all types and sizes can now be moved easily to the public cloud or a mixed private and public cloud environment. Qumulo also enables data replication between clouds for migration or multi-copy requirements.

Businesses are no longer tethered to hardware limitations to scale up or down instantly and build, deliver and innovate on the apps and services which matter most to their customers.

Businesses no longer have to re-architect their apps when deciding to move them to public cloud. If a user chooses to leave an app on-prem, but move the data to the public cloud (or vice-versa), Qumulo can connect the data seamlessly, along with cloud provider services the data might be using, such as AI or IoT platforms. Check out this whiteboard video to learn more about the power of file storage in the cloud.

Qumulo provides a complete set of enterprise features in the cloud including support for high-performance NFS & SMB, real-time data analytics and visibility, directory-based capacity quotas and snapshots. Data can quickly and easily be moved between clusters in data centers on-prem and within Qumulo cloud clusters with continuous replication.

As our CEO Bill Richter has said: “Qumulo’s mission from day one has been to help our customers unleash the power of their file data, whether it is on-prem or in the cloud. The cloud enables enterprises across all industries to unlock business opportunities by bringing agility and responsiveness to their organizations. Lifting workloads and data to the public cloud allows customers to better collaborate and manage data across regions, and across the world.”

The time is now to take advantage of the elastic compute resources, operational agility, and advanced services that the public cloud offers!

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