Businesses today are defined by their data. But much of their historical data gets “stuck” as unstructured, cold, and otherwise hard-to-access archival, or nearline, data files.

Breathing new life into historical data by keeping it online and accessible brings new value to businesses for operational and high performance analytics workloads. The challenge: how to enliven what would otherwise be cold data? In the face of existing archive storage limitations, characterized by low-volume, proprietary hardware, historical data is left offline and mostly inaccessible.

As a result, nearline and archive storage today is becoming a growing nightmare for those that run data centers.

There is a better way.

We recently expanded our solutions to include a nearline archive offering that attacks this problem in a very different way. By enabling customers to run massive file scale storage on advanced industry standard servers, storage no longer has to run on customized hardware.

Today, we are proud to add to the Qumulo nearline archive family the HPE Apollo 4200 288T.

These servers pack 24 x 12TB drives and 4 x 1.92T SSDs into a 2U system that is only 32 inches deep. These provide 288 TB of raw capacity with the SSDs being used for caching hot data.

Using Qumulo, customers can start with 4 nodes, providing 671 TB of usable space, which can be filled to 100%!

Expansion is as easy as adding another 288 TB server and joining to the cluster. This density means customers can deploy over 4.5 PB of fully usable space in a single rack using 20 servers.

Why Qumulo for nearline archive needs?

100% usable data

Qumulo’s patented protection method means more usable capacity than legacy approaches. Qumulo delivers 100% of true usable capacity as opposed to the 70% to 80% allowed by legacy systems so customers can store billions of small files as efficiently as large ones. Overprovisioning is over.

get 100 percent usable capacity with Qumulo's hpe archive solution

Nearline performance

Users can now access archived data quickly and easily. Just how quickly? We’re talking at least 5 GB/s reads and 2.5 GB/s writes per 1PB usable capacity, and with this HPE 288T configuration, we almost double those numbers! Note: this series is built for large sequential workloads with many clients, it is not optimized for random or IOPs intensive workloads. The Hybrid Capacity Series was built for random and IOPs intensive workloads, of which there are HPE options as well. With the combination of high performance and affordability, the Qumulo Nearline Archive Series leaves traditional archive systems in the dust.

Instant visibility

Qumulo gives unparalleled visibility into the file system. Users can instantly identify throughput and IOPS hotspots, the most active clients and paths, and get accurate reports of how much usable storage is available. And where there’s a rogue process or user monopolizing system resources, a quota can be applied in real time to take back control.

get instant visibility into your data storage with Qumulo's hpe archive solution

A true path to the cloud

Qumulo’s Nearline Archive solution runs natively on premises and in the cloud. This means users get the best of both worlds – the fastest data storage system whether on premises or in the cloud.

With Qumulo Nearline Archive solutions, HPE customers can have their cake and eat it too.

For all their file storage needs, HPE customers can buy from their preferred vendor and get the industry’s most performant, affordable and scalable storage, without the cost, headache and limitations of custom hardware.

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