We are proud to announce today the availability of Qumulo-as-a-Service (QaaS) in Azure’s West US 3 Region. With this change, Qumulo is now available in all US regions, making it easy for customers in the US to deploy storage close to their workload regardless of where they are located within the US, reducing latency between on premises and cloud-based deployments.

Qumulo-as-a-Service provides customers turnkey functionality that allows for the deployment of unstructured data storage without administrative burden. Customers can deploy file systems as small as 18TB and grow them beyond 5PB with consistent performance and scalability.

Our file system is unique in Azure for its scalability of both capacity and performance. This allows customers to build filesystems that meet the needs of their mission critical applications across a variety of use cases including Analytics, ML/AI, Genomics, Media and Rendering, Financial services, and even Active Archive / Disaster Recovery. Qumulo’s file system delivers enterprise-class functionality, including multi-protocol access, replication, and advanced data analytics fit to just about any workload.

How Qumulo on Azure Makes Cloud File Services Simple

How Qumulo on Azure Makes Cloud File Services Simple

Hear from our VP of Cloud Sales and Field CTO of Systems Engineering, as they unpack the exciting value of Qumulo on Azure.

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